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Nothin’ To See Here (Except a Dance Party)

So I was messing around on my blog’s Facebook page yesterday, and I decided that, if I was ever going to maintain my internet celebrity status, I needed to get everybody on my friends’ list on board. So I sent out a huge wave of invites, hoping to pick up a few stragglers along the way.

I got twenty new page likes in a little less than two hours.


So I posted the following on my feed, hoping to inspire more folks to like and share the page:

FB page 1

And it worked. I’m in awe of social media. I was up to 155 likes this morning–bringing my total of new likes to a whopping 34!!

I always keep my word, and so, as promised—for fans new and old alike, I give to you, an AbbyGabs jig.

How Abby Became Internet Famous (Thanks To That Drunk Guy On ‘Jail’ Who Turned Out To Be Pseudo-Famous)

I’ve written about a lot of things here on Abby Gabs over the years. I’ve told you funny stories about my husband, Photoshopped silly pictures of myself doing silly things, and illustrated moments in my life that have been deemed blog-worthy. I’ve discussed current events, shared with you my hopes and dreams, and written about everything from Donnie Wahlberg to depression. I’ve even tackled emotional subjects like cancer, adoption, weight loss, and infertility.

So naturally, you would HAVE to expect that out of all the many blogs I’ve posted, there must be at least one that has garnered enough attention to warrant calling myself “internet famous.”


Well, you’d be right, readers. But never in a million years would I have guessed that the Gabs most likely to be clicked on would be one I wrote in the first year of publication about an unknown actor named Evan, and his televised night in the drunk tank on a reality show.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most read post in Abby Gabs history, “What Happens When You Cross Cough Medicine with Bad TV?”

It’s all about our discovery of a dude named Evan Lockwood, who apparently appeared in famous movies like “Ramblin’ Rose” and “Fried Green Tomatoes.” But he’s more famous for his drunken speeches on the Spike reality show, “Jail.” This post includes a half-assed “video blog” of me (in my jammies and wearing no makeup) doing my best impersonation of Evan’s ramblin’ “Ramblin’ Rose” speech.

For your amusement:

I only hate myself a little bit for sharing this terrible video again. And all in the name of internet fame.

Anyway, I always know when Spike has aired a rerun of this particular episode, because my little blog get a flurry of activity, and I get a slew of new comments on this post. Why?

Because if you see the episode, the first thing you do (or at least the first thing I did) was turn to Google to see if this guy’s story has any validity. And here’s what pops up:

Lockwood 1

First and foremost, I’d like to drag your attention to the fact that Mr. Lockwood does, in fact, has his very own IMDB page…which lists him as an actor in “Ramblin’ Rose,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” and, hilariously, “Jail.”

Secondly, let the record reflect that Mr. Lockwood is also active on social media powerhouses, Twitter AND Facebook.

But the most important lesson here, friends, is that when the American public get their first taste of Evan Lockwood on Jail, the SECOND thing that pops up in their curiosity-ridden Google search is my little blog.



This phenomenon explains the awesomesauce of comments I’ve received on this post, including my all-time favorite:

Capture 1

Thanks, Seifer! Not only do you have a seriously awesome name, but your suggestion that I become a famous movie actor will be subsequently stewed over, and potentially acted upon.

Ha. Acted upon.

See what I did there?

And so, in the event that one day you see little ol’ me traipsing down a red carpet, I have Evan Lockwood, the producer of “Jail,: and Seifer from Cleveland to thank.

(Thanks, guys, in case I forget to thank you in my Oscar acceptance speech.)

The Potato Salad Challenge

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***Friends and neighbors—-share share share!!! Who knows…maybe our response to this news story will FINALLY make our adoption newsworthy as well!!!****

ThatGabbyAbby Goes To PubSmart–A Video Blog

If you can’t see the video, copy and paste the following address into your browser:

Links of Importance Mentioned in the Video:

PubSmart Writers’ Convention (Or, search the hashtag #PubSmartCon on Twitter)
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The Over-Achieving Wife Strikes Again

You watched yesterday’s princess birthday extravaganza, right? (If not, you can see it here.)

Well, today is Brian’s birthday, and I couldn’t let him go un-celebrated. Especially after celebrating my goddaughter’s birthday with such flair yesterday.

And so, without further ado…here is Brian’s Annual Happy Birthday video, done my way.

Happy Birthday SUPERBrian!!!!

The Over-Achieving Godmother Strikes Again

There are a few things you need to know about the video I’m going to post below before you actually watch it. Some of these things you may already be aware of, others may be new information for you. Either way, it requires some set up.

One: I am godmother to two of the most beautiful youngsters in existence. Their names are Jacob and Ellie, and their mother happens to be my equally beautiful best friend, Jenna.

kids 13

Two: While Jacob has been in our lives, and our hearts, for almost four years now, it wasn’t until Ellie was born in 2012 that we were granted the gift of godparent-dom by their Mommy and Daddy. I sent Jenna a baby gift in the form of a princess dress, a gorgeous stuffed unicorn lovie, and some princess ‘slippers.’ She sent me a note formally asking if we would be Jacob and Ellie’s ‘fairy godparents.’ So when it comes to princesses and fairy tales, we sort of have a theme going here. (We even went to the renaissance festival dressed as “The Fairy Godparents,” a couple of years ago. Wings and all. Yes, Brian, too.)

Three: I really, really, really love being a godmother. Like, a lot. Like, I talk about these kids like they’re my own. I spend weeks counting down between our visits. I live for planning their birthday parties and putting together little care packages and figuring out just what will make them happy. I send them videos and pictures all the time. Let’s just say that if I lived closer to Jenna she’d be SO sick of me because I’d be at her house every single day, doting on those precious babies. (And spending time with her, of course.)

Four: I’m an overachiever with too much free time on my hands (who happens to adore creating or sending things that I know will make my godchildren smile.)

Ok, I think that’s enough set up. And now, without further ado, here is Ellie’s Annual Happy Birthday Video, in the form of an AbbyGabs video blog.


Did I mention that I’m an overachiever?

A New Year’s Eve Do-Over (Official AbbyGabs Video Blog)

So in my last blog, I made a whole lotta noise about posting more frequently here as of January 1. And I wholeheartedly meant every word I said, readers! But as the days of January peeled off the calendar, I’m guessing YOU were wondering just where I was. Well, I was sick. So I missed New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, and, well, most of the holiday season.

They tell me it’s textbook that I (the spoiled firstborn neat freak perfectionist with slight OCD) demand a do-over from a missed holiday. So, you’re going to help me recreate New Year’s Eve in today’s short video blog. If you don’t still have your festive hats and noisemakers, it’s ok. I understand. All I ask is that you help me count down to MY 2014, which officially starts today.

(It’s totally ok if you want to mime having a noisemaker. You can just pretend and make the sound with your mouth.)


Happy 2014 Readers!!


If you can’t view the video, or are having technical difficulties, copy and paste the following code into your browser:–J-rUUA

Our New Neighbors

One morning about two weeks ago, I was knee-deep in my daily morning routine: coffee in hand, I take my handy dandy little golfcart for a spin around the grounds to check all the units. (For those who might not remember, I work–and live–at a storage facility.) So there I was…minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye, I notice the sun glinting ever-so-gently on something hanging from the building.

I slowed the cart, and my heart started racing before my brain even registered what it was that I was looking at.

There, spanning almost the entire width of unit 503’s door, was the biggest spider web I’ve ever seen in my life. And attached to it was, you guessed it, the “Big Foot” of the spider world.

I tried, for the sake of blog fodder, to take a picture with my cell phone. I really really did. And I’ve tried every single day since then, so I could prove to you that I’m not crazy and that Spiderman’s cousin, Merve, lives at my job now. But I just couldn’t do it. So, here’s a bad drawing instead.


Damn. I couldn’t even bring myself to draw it. Forgive me, readers. Blame my raging case of arachnophobia.

Anyway, after this first Spider Sighting, I spent a lot of time thinking about just how to handle the situation. I was too chicken to deal with it myself, so I had two options: Tell my husband and make him go kill it, or leave it alone and hope it would get bored and move somewhere with a more swinging night life.

Brian didn’t go kill it. And it didn’t move to Vegas.

So for two weeks, I drove ever-so-slowly past the giant sleeping spider, hoping beyond hope that it wouldn’t leap from its perch and eat my face.


It was with pride that the spider had lasted for so long that I mentioned it to longtime family friend and spider advocate, Charlene, on her recent visit. Interested, she asked to be escorted to see the eight-legged fiend. Ever the hostess, I took her back on the golf cart.

“Oh, that’s a writer spider,” she said with glee. “You know, like Charlotte’s Web!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her my true opinion of the children’s opus…

Web copy

…and so I nodded politely instead.

“Oh, Abby, did you notice?” Charlene said with enthusiasm. “It looks like your spider friend has also laid her eggs! See the sack hanging there?”

It was at this point that the mild panic attack started: ears ringing, throat closing, skin itching. I allowed my gaze to follow Charlene’s pointing finger and saw, with horror, the tiny little egg sack hanging from the rain gutter above the web. “Oh, that’s nice,” I said, feigning normalcy.

“The cool thing is that when it hatches, the little babies will make little web parachutes and fly away on the breeze.”

Thanks for the science lesson, Charlene. Now, every day, when I drive my golf cart by the unit hosting the little Eight Legged Family, it goes a little something like this:


But at least I haven’t committed mass murder yet. That’s the definition of progress. Right?

Best Friends “Furever”

When I’m blue, there are three things that cheer me up almost instantly. One–chocolate. Two–wine. And three–my cat, Scooter. Here’s why.

(If you can’t see the video, copy and paste the following code into your browser:–J-rUUA)

It’s Not My Fault…

…that I haven’t written a blog since the uber-depressing one that I wrote a few days ago from the corner of Despair Drive and Sad Face Alley. (You think that’d be a perfect intersection for a cupcake shop, but I couldn’t find one.)

Seriously. You can’t be mad at me. Here are three legitimate reasons why blogging simply cannot be accomplished today.



If you can’t see the video, copy and paste the following URL into your browser: