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Our ComicCon Schedule

One week from today, Brian and I will be boarding a plane to head to San Diego, and Nerdvana Bliss.


As the Con approaches, more and more information is being released about events hosted throughout the weekend. We’ve got TONS of them flagged–things we might be interested in, things we’d definitely be interested in, things that we can do if one of those super-interesting things fills up before we can find a seat.

But there are four all-important events that we are the MOST excited about. And I’m here today to share those with you.

Blog 1

That’s right. Nerds don’t play, homie. Brian will get to partake of not one, but TWO Transformers panels, back to back, on the very first day of the Con. (I’ll be there, too, but more to watch Brian’s excitement than anything else.) I haven’t the foggiest idea what a toy company could possibly talk about for 2 whole hours, but I guess at ComicCon, anything is possible. Fortunately, there isn’t anything else pressing for a few hours after these panels, which is a great thing. I’ll need the time to figure out how to scrape my overly excited husband off of the ceiling.

Blog 2

OH-SO-MUCH Joss Whedon! Finally, after years of worshiping this creative genius from afar, we get to sit through not one, but TWO panels hosted by our very favorite writer/director/producer EVER. One of the panels will be focused solely on his upcoming television series, S.H.I.E.L.D. The other will be just Joss, in all his wonderfulness, talking about all the things we love from the Whedonverse: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, The Avengers, and much, much, MUCH more. It all goes down on Friday, people. Prepare yourselves for the SQUEEE heard around the world.

Blog 3

Holy crapballs, y’all. I don’t even know what to do with myself. I cried when they finally announced it. A one-hour-long celebration of Doctor Who, featuring Steven Moffat, Jenna Coleman, AND MATT SMITH. Since he has announced that he’s leaving the show, I feel so totally blessed to be able to be at this year’s ComicCon with him, since it will be his last as the Doctor. I will cry, I will shout love phrases at him, and I will wear a bowtie. For those who aren’t Whovians, I can’t explain it to you. But to those who are—Matt Smith is MY Doctor. And I love him so. *sob*

These three major events will be stuffed between panels like “Geeks Getting Published” and “Showtime’s Dexter” and “Stan Lee’s World of Heroes.” We’ll be learning all about the new Assassin’s Creed game, meeting the creator of the Buffy comics, and stalking stars like Nathan Fillion and Chris Hemsworth. And when it all comes to an end on Sunday evening, we will be finishing off the Con with a bang. Because the very last thing we will be attending is a:

blog 4

I have no words. All I can do is start practicing now.

Is it ComicCon yet?

Let The Countdown Begin (Again)

Today is Thursday, June 27, 2013.

In exactly 20 days, something extraordinary happens to my husband and me. Join us as the countdown begins.

(Does this post look eerily familiar? It’s not. Seriously, watch the video. It’s different, I swear.)



Special thanks to guest star, Brian, who will always be my Superman.

Pardon Me While I SQUEEEEE!!!!

Tomorrow is the day, y’all. THE day. THE BIGGEST DAY OF MY LIFE SO FAR.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:


That’s right. Tomorrow is the first NKOTB concert for me since 1990. And I’m SUPER excited. It’s marked on every single calendar in my house…

Pic 2 pic 1

…the calendar on my phone…

pic 3

…and it’s also part of an iPhone countdown (which I look at hourly. Because.)

pic 4

And so, with the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my life occurring in a little over 24 hours, I’ve started doing what any normal, sane person would do.

I’m squeeing at every possible minute.

I’m checking my Twitter feed, FB feed, and the internet for updates as the guys travel to Charlotte.

I’m making a mental checklist of all the things I need to pack, and wondering if Donnie Pinata will fit into my small suitcase.

And I’m preparing to make the world’s most glitter-tastic poster to wave around at the show, in hopes that it will gain Donnie’s attention, thereby securing me a kiss.

So—which image is your favorite, folks? Let me know. It’s going on the poster.

Image #1:

DW kiss 1

Image #2:

DW kiss 2

Image #3:

DW kiss 3


Vote! Because I’m starting on the poster ASAP, and I need the most convincing kiss photo possible to win my heart’s desire. (A reenactment of this photo, naturally.) (Don’t worry, I have Brian’s permission.) (Mostly.)

Let The Countdown Begin

Today is Monday, May 20, 2013.

In exactly 30 days, something extraordinary happens to me. Join me as the countdown begins.





What’s My Word? — An AbbyGabs Video Blog

For all the nerds in the house…enjoy.

Unfamiliar with The Guild? Well, then, hand over your nerd card, reader. If you love all things nerdy, you should definitely have watched this web-based comedy. You can stream it on Netflix, or watch it online. Similarly, click the link for the awesomeness that is the music video associated with “I’m The One That’s Cool.” I ♥ Nerds.

Can’t see this video? Copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Side Effects

You’ve taken prescription drugs before, right? For the most part, they do what they’re supposed to do. But every once in awhile, you get the privilege of taking a medication that has the kind of side effects that leave you feeling like you just came off a roller coaster in hell where angry people threw heavy objects at your head for fun.

No? Just me? Well then clearly, you’ve never taken fertility drugs.

About two weeks ago, I started taking a drug called “Provera,” which, in layman’s terms, sends signals to the woman’s uterus that it’s time to start a cycle. This drug doesn’t send those signals quietly. Oh no. It launches your hormones into overdrive, sending you into the ugly cry over the fact that you think you *may* have just hit a ladybug with your car, even though your husband assures you that you probably didn’t since the car is still in park. Worst yet, for the first several hours after I took the pill, I would have this foggy, unfocused feeling.

blog 1

Donnie Wahlberg could have been standing in my living room wearing fig leaves and playing the ukulele, and I seriously wouldn’t have noticed. I spent most of those 10 days staring off into space, wondering where my mind had wandered off to (usually to daydreaming about Donnie Wahlberg wearing fig leaves and playing the ukulele.)

***For those DW fans, I am apologizing here for not drawing him in said fashion. I’d like to think that someday, he’ll want to be my friend, and I don’t want to offend him off gate.***

Once the Provera, and cycle, come to an end, it’s time to take pill #2. Enter–Clomid. This happy little pill tells a woman’s ovaries to release eggs, which increases a couple’s chance of getting pregnant. If you thought the Hazy Abby with Awesome Daydreams was fun, wait till you meet Mega-Hormonal Abby on Clomid.

Brian and I would argue about Clomid’s worst side effect. I say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the hot flashes associated with this drug are AWFUL. First, my ears start to burn. Then my entire face gets red and feels like it’s going to pop off like an over-filled thermometer. By the time the heat creeps to my neck, I’m ready to move to Antarctica, where I plan to bathe in the frigid waters with glee. All I can do is sit back, let the wave take its natural course, and pray that the AC stays on long enough to get me through the 15 minutes of sweat-inducing, swear-inducing flash.

blog 2

Unfortunately, the rest of my little family has to live in the igloo that is our house throughout the course of treatment. Brian has taken to wearing hoodies and socks, as well as staying bundled up beneath our thickest afghan, to battle the sub zero temps in our living room. However, he does so without a single complaint, even with icicles hanging off his nose.

For him, though, I think the worst side effect is watching me go through the mood swings. I can be telling him a joke one minute, complaining about politics the next, and in ten minutes time, I’ll be sobbing my eyes out about my lack of Word Press skills. The most fun ones, though, are the ones where I get angry. One little thing—something left in the middle of the floor that causes me to trip, an item that I need not being in the place it’s meant to be when I go to find it, an asinine comment on Facebook (by someone who’s comments are always asinine, therefore usually expected.) And suddenly, my Clomid-driven rage monster emerges.

blog 3

I have to fight down the urge to break things, roar at the top of my She-Hulk voice, and eliminate all threats to my safety. However, I usually allow myself to slam around, say mean things loudly, and rant until the feeling passes—and all the while, thinking to myself that it’s the Clomid reacting to the situation, not myself.

Fun stuff.

The honest truth, though, is that if these pills work, I’ll be over-the-moon happy about it. Obviously. We’ll all throw a party and dance the Happy Fertility Drugs dance. It’s all about the destination, not the journey–even if the journey is filled with pretty colors and hot flashes and rage.

I Had The Time of MY Life

Boredom set in last night by about 8 p.m. We flipped and flipped and flipped, and not a single decent television program could be found. That’s when I saw THIS in my cable lineup:

Dirty Dancing 1


I sat up and leaned in so I could read it a little better…

dirty dancign 2 copy

I looked over at my husband, who had become mysteriously interested in his laptop. With a maniacal laugh, I punched the play button and sat back to enjoy a movie classic–one I’ve seen so many times, I can recite certain scenes verbatim.

I giggled when Johnny almost lost his balance on the log. I cheered when he told off her dad for putting her in a corner. And I cried when she nailed the lift in the end…

(Oh, shut up. You know you wanted to see it, too.)

When bedtime rolled around, I pachanga-ed all the way to the bathroom, humming the music from the soundtrack under my breath.

I was squirting a line of toothpaste onto my toothbrush, singing away, when I noticed my husband standing in the doorway with THIS look on his face:

dirty dancing 3

That’s his “I’m so amused at you right now, so I’m just going to keep watching while you unknowingly humiliate yourself” face.

I stopped dead in my tracks, the melody I’d been singing dying off in a discordant manner.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“Nothing,” he answered. “Just wondering what the story was behind all those fun and cool noises you were just making.”

I giggled. “I wasn’t making noises, I was singing the song. The song from the movie.” (At this point, the hormones and lack of sleep kicked in and I couldn’t make words.) “You know…where they….” I mimed dancing. “And she…” I mimed running then jumping. “Then he…” And I mimed him lifting her into the air.

Brian shook his head, laughing, and said, “Whatever, crazy lady.” He then exited the scene, leaving me to ponder just what I sounded like to him. To me, I sounded like this:

Never mind. I get it.

Welcome to AbbyGabs! (Again!)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Abby, who had the gift of Gab.


And so she took that gift and shared it with the world, via her blog. Days and nights she slaved away at her computer, manipulating turns of phrase, exhausting her mental bank of adjectives, and punctuating to her heart’s content. She was proud of that which she had worked so hard to create, and she reveled in the delight it brought her readers.

As time passed, the girl grew weary of issues with her blog’s platform. Frequent outages, crummy comment forms, and the inability to make her blog look exactly like she wanted led that gabby Abby to search the internet, far and wide, until she found the perfect platform for the blog that was her pride and joy.

The process was a daunting one: transferring RSS feeds, securing self-hosting, learning the ins-and-outs of HTML code. It took 5 days, and as many nights, for all of the components to fall into place.

Finally, she had complete creative control over her blog. Finally, she had reliable service from a provider she knew she could count on. And finally, she had her own personal account supervisor, who could come in at a moment’s notice and answer any questions she had about her host.

And so, the girl with the gift of gab officially became Queen of the Internet (for the day.)


It soon became apparent to her, as she toyed with the new platform, that she had lots to learn. There were widgets to master, and menus to create, and coding to learn. But as she settled into the new space, she knew two things for certain.

One: WordPress already, so quickly, felt like home.

And two: no Queen of the Internet (for the day) can have a successful rule without one of these:

Welcome to the brand new AbbyGabs!! If you haven’t already, click around and get to know the place a little. And feel free to follow me on the many social media sites that I use on a regular basis simply by clicking on the thought bubble buttons that took me three days to make!

Special thanks go out to:
Brian, for keeping me calm during the moving process, and talking me down from the ledge when things didn’t go just so.
Carrie at akaLaverne, for always being willing to answer panicked questions, give me advice on design, or send me her top 10 favorite themes just to get me started.
Alex at Late Enough, for giving me the courage, and the information, I needed to make the move in the first place.
Walt at Lucky Puppy, for giving me new ideas for the site, as well as cheering me on from the sidelines while the move was made.
Jordan, author of MamaBlogga, and the creator of the 10-step process that safely (and easily!) moved my blog from Blogger to Word Press.
And finally, to Cole, my account manager at Blue Host, for answering all my silly noob questions with grace, kindness, and complete accuracy.

Wii Bowling Party: An Abby Gabs Tutorial

A little friendly advice, from me to you: when your husband/wife/significant other/roommate/little sister/self-built android comes to you and says, “Let’s have a Wii bowling tournament party!” —–>just say yes. 

Because we did one this past weekend, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Here are my tips to creating the world’s awesomest Bowling Party, all from the comforts of your living room.

You Can Do It, Too: Wii Bowling Tournament Tutorial

Tip #1: Let Your Husband/Wife/Significant Other/Roommate/Little Sister/Self-Built Android Come Up With The Name Of The League AND The Event.

Because then, you wind up with a name like:

While it makes some decorations a little more difficult to create (YOU try putting that many letters on a banner), it makes everyone laugh when you step into the room to announce that the Inaugural Tournament of the Incredibly Excellent Bowling League of Awesomeness is about to begin. 

Don’t worry. If you say it enough, you won’t have to look it up every time. Promise.

Tip #2: If you have someone with minor OCD in your life, allow them to take over the planning, decorations, and food for the party.

In this little scenario, that person would be me. And I had an absolute blast planning bowling alley themed foods, bowling pin cards to identify said themed foods, meticulously wrapping the white plastic eating utensils with red electrical tape to look like bowling pins, and coming up with the most complicated bracket known to man.

Cheesy Bowling Ball

It only took four hours…ish.

OK, I lied. The bracket was too complicated for me. Brian made it up, I just wrote it all pretty.

Tip #3: Re-stock your printer with paper before you allow the OCD person in the scenario to begin creating decorations.

I made banners, lane markers, food cards, and more, just using my printer, some scissors, tape and string. I’m the MacGeyver of crafts, y’all.

Tip #4: Take pictures.

And once you’ve had a few beers, feel free to give the camera to your friends so they can capture some candids as well. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all of this:

Seriously, the best shots are often the ones taken after you bust out the booze. As long as they’re in focus. Which brings me to my last tip…

Tip #5: Don’t take so many pictures that you aren’t allowed a little creative room to groove when it’s time to blog about your party.

Because after three beers and a rum-and-coke, my camera was left in a corner somewhere, and I forgot all about a hundred different shots I wanted to take, including a group shot of the 11 bowlers that came to our party.

But never fear, Photoshop and our Nintendo Miis are here!

Back row, from left to right: Zach, Kristie, Arielle, Steven, Jenn, Ashley, Fred, Ray, and Sam
Front row: Abby and Brian

Seriously. That’s one epically awesome team portrait–which is perfectly fitting for the Incredibly Excellent Bowling League of Awesomeness. (See, I told you remembering the name gets a little easier the more times you say it.)

A Funny Thing Has Been Happening Lately…

…and it all started a few days ago, when I brought home a certain new CD. I’d be sitting at the computer, writing away, when from the kitchen I’d hear Brian humming.

Brian: *♪♫ quiet humming ♪♫*

And I’d be all like…

“What in the world…?”

A few minutes later, I’d hear…

Brian: “♫♪…Ohhhhh ohhhhhh….♪♫”

And I’d be all like…

“Is he singing what I think he’s singing…?”

As if he were unknowingly trying to answer my question, he would then start singing a little bit louder…

Brian: “♪♪ I like the Remix, baby….Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…♪♪”

And I’d get all silly and giddy and be like…

“Tee hee! He’s TOTALLY singing New Kids on the Block right now…”

After a few minutes of belting out the chorus of the Kids’ latest single, Brian would inevitably realize what was coming out of his mouth, and, well, his reactions were sort of like…

Brian: “DAMMIT.”

And I’d stay sitting quietly in my little computer chair, like…

“…I wonder if he’ll stop now?”

Adorably, wonderfully, after a few minutes of silence it would start all over again.

Brian: *♪♫ quiet humming ♪♫*

I just can’t help it. Hearing him sing New Kids songs makes me kinda…well…

Stupid Happy.

: When I finally pointed out to Brian that he’d been singing Remix all the live long day, he looked at me with a totally straight face and said, “What? It’s a catchy tune.” I may have swooned. Just a little.