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I Want My NerdHQ

Today’s blog is going to be a cross between a public service announcement and a love letter. So if that sort of thing doesn’t appeal to you, this might be one of those Gabs that you skip.

But you really shouldn’t. And I’ll know if you do. (That Gabby Abby is WATCHING.)

Remember me telling you all about my fake celebrity boyfriend, Zachary Levi? The one who stole our hearts as Chuck Bartowski? Well, he needs our help!

Nerd Nation, Activate!!!!!!!

Nerd Nation, Activate!!!!!!!

Hang on…cart before horse…let me give you a little back story.

Prior to our trip to ComicCon 2013, I was already privy to Zac’s work. We had watched, and enjoyed, Chuck when it was still on cable. I was a fan of his work in the Disney movie, Tangled. And I thought he was a cutie patootie then, too.

Let's face it---he is true cutie patootie material.

Let’s face it—he is true cutie patootie material.

But it wasn’t until we went to NerdHQ that I got a glimpse into what makes Mr. Levi tick as a person, not just an actor. He gets giddy and fan-girly over the same sort of things I do (Doctor Who, Nathan Fillion, social media, etc…) He wears his heart on his sleeve for everyone to see, and he’s not afraid to shed some tears in front of the masses. And he truly, 100% believes in the charity he’s an ambassador for–Operation Smile. His huge heart, paired with his desire to bring all-things-nerdy to all of us nerds, is what ultimately made me fall in love with him.

So when Zac reached out earlier this month asking for donations to help him make NerdHQ a success in 2014, I ran to answer the call. And it occurred to me that some of my fellow nerds might be interested in helping Zac, and the greater community of Nerdom, too. Let’s not rely on me to tell you the story…I’ll let Zac do the heavy lifting.

(As you can see, Zac followed my lead and decided to use IndieGoGo to fund his campaign. He saw how successful we were over the holidays with our Pack My Pontiac drive, and jumped on the bandwagon. Smart boy.)

While Brian and I won’t get the opportunity to go to ComicCon, or NerdHQ, this summer, we still want to support it going forward. Why? Because it was the most amazing experience we’ve ever had. (And we didn’t even make it into any of the panels!!) Getting the opportunity to get up close and personal with a few of our favorite celebrities was the highlight of our California vacation. Plus, even though we’ll be staying at home, we’ll still be able to experience the panels at NerdHQ via live streaming!

So, here’s what you’ll be doing if you donate that hard earned $5 in your pocket:

1) You’ll be helping my “boyfriend” out of a tight financial spot. This will allow us to vacation more freely in August. You have my thanks in advance.

2) You’ll be funding an experience for fellow nerds out there, and giving them the opportunity to relax and party in the coolest environment offered in the entire ComicCon universe.

3) You’ll be helping Zac, and his group of supporters, create an event that will ultimately help them make money to donate to a worthy cause. (Read: your dollars will help them make dollars that will help fix cleft palates across the world.)

And here’s what you’ll get out of that donation:

1) The satisfaction of knowing that you did something AWESOME.

2) Your name on the giant NerdHQ wall of fame. (ERMYGERD! Yer FERMEROUS!)

3) The opportunity to sit back and watch the hilarity unfold in July as Zac and his friends get all nerdy together. (And if that’s not worth $5, then what is??)

You’ll also get my thanks, fellow nerds. Because even if I won’t be able to launch myself at Zac (or Nathan Fillion, or Tom Hiddleston, or Joss Whedon, or Sarah Michelle Gellar, or any other Nerd Ambassadors) this year….


So get to clickin’, people! Let’s make this happen…for me, for Zac, and for nerds EVERYWHERE!

I’ll be keeping track of how far we have come in this funding process with a nifty little gadget in the right column. So keep checking back to see how far your dollars have gone!!

Year End Round Up (Yeehaw!)

Oh, how I miss you, readers. These last few months have kept me so busy that writing a daily blog has been…well, impossible. It’s something I hope to change in the new year.  So today I wanted to wrap up a few loose ends that have been flapping in the winter breeze since November. Here’s what you missed.

Nanowrimo 2013…
Remember how I told you I was launching into a new novel way back in November? And remember how, after that post, I never really updated you on how the whole thing was going?

Well, good news, friends and neighbors. I managed to complete the 50,000 word challenge an entire week before the deadline (thanks to copious amounts of coffee, an annoyance with social media that helped keep me focused instead of scrolling through my Facebook timeline, and a story line that just wouldn’t quit.)


I’ve already started editing the chapters I wrote in November and will continue the novel in the new year, so I can add it to my portfolio of “things I want to get published but haven’t yet because I can’t find an agent who will love me and squeeze me and call me George.” I do plan to spend much more time writing and seeking publication in 2014. (Don’t worry, you’ll read all about in my obligatory “Resolutions” post come January 1.)

Anywho, this novel is about a young woman named Robin, who is, by all social standards, a big ol’ nerd. She gets it honest–her father was such a major comic book fan that he named her after his favorite superhero’s side kick. Robin’s childhood was spent learning all about ‘nerdom’–finding an appreciation for comic books, reciting all the many characters from Marvel’s Avengers, and planning a trip with her Dad to San Diego’s famous Comic Con when she graduated from high school. But their dreams were dashed when her father stumbled into a robbery gone wrong, winding up forever paralyzed from a stray bullet. With his health declining, Robin–a news camera operator by day and a budding documentary filmmaker by night–decides to take matters into her own hands. She solicits the help of her best friend, Laney, and together, they head to San Diego to bring Comic Con to Dad, on film.

It’s a story about relationships: father and daughter, lifelong friends, a fan and her obsession, and maybe even a shiny new romance. It’s still a work in progress, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the title should be. But it’s coming along nicely, and I’m pretty proud of that fact.

Pack My Pontiac Food Drive…
Remember how I told you I was pairing up with my friend, Lynda, to raise money for Crisis Ministries, our local homeless shelter? And that we were going to try and fill the back of my Vibe to the brim with nonperishable foods and supplies for their soup kitchen? And remember how, after that post, I never really updated you on how the whole thing was going?

Well, AMAZING news, friends and neighbors—not only did we exceed our $500 goal, we exceeded it by a LOT!

blog 3

Thanks to our friends and family, who were totally enthusiastic about our silent auction, we managed to raise a whopping $800, which went directly to Crisis Ministries. In addition, Lynda and I managed to stuff my little car with cleaning products, paper towels, dried pasta and beans, tons of canned good items, bottled water, diapers, and countless other items that will benefit those in Charleston who need it most.

Such a proud moment.

Such a proud moment.



We never would have been so successful if not for the generosity of others, so if you placed a bid, shared our page, made a donation, or even just cheered us on from the sidelines—thank you! We are already planning and scheming for next year’s drive. Who knows…maybe we’ll double what we made this year!!

What’s Coming for AbbyGabs in 2014?…
In truth, I have no idea. I can tell you that I plan to keep writing–both here and creatively–as long as my brain keeps working and the ideas keep coming. And I can promise that, whatever happens, it’ll be fun. So–thanks for continuing to support me and reading my blogs, few and far between as they’ve been in the past two months. Here’s hoping 2014 brings health, happiness, and prosperity to us all! (Read: an agent will sign me and publish my books, and we’ll all go to Maui together to celebrate over daiquiris.)

Happy New Year!

Pack My Pontiac Food Drive

I’m taking a little break from Nano-ing today to fill you in on the progress we’re making with the Pack My Pontiac Food Drive. (Self promotion and word creation, all in one sentence. I’m on a roll.)

Thanks to Celerity, LLC, and my partners Jon and Lynda, we now have our very own, super-shiny, easy-to-use, looks-great-on-everyone website!! Ta-Da!!


Click the picture to be whisked away to IndieGogo, and our auction website!

This fancy dancy page is going to allow us to dazzle our friends and neighbors with the AMAZING items we’re putting up for auction. From golf to groceries and everything in between–you’ll be chomping at the bit to participate in our daily auctions once you see the swag we have to offer!! So get your credit cards ready, readers. Because I’m guessing you’ll be able to get some holiday shopping done, all while donating to a worthwhile cause, and all from the comfort of your desk chair/couch/toilet/underground bunker or wherever you choose to peruse the internet. (No judgement here.)

Bidding couldn’t be simpler! Here’s a breakdown of the easy-peasy Three-Step Process:

Step One: Like Our Facebook Campaign Page!
FB page
If you haven’t already, point your browser to our FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN PAGE and hit the “Like” Button! This is very important, as you’ll see in the next step.

Step Two: Watch for auction announcements on our Facebook Campaign Page, so you can BID!
FB 2Lynda and I will be making daily announcements advertising what item will be up for sale every day until December 9! So, if you don’t follow step one, you won’t be able to follow step two, which goes a little something like this: You see an awesome prize that you cannot be without. You go to the comments section below the announcement, and place your $5(00) bid. Then you see Oprah has come along and outbid you—that meanie head! So what do you do now? You bid AGAIN!

It’s just like eBay, people, except if you win, you don’t come away with just the prize in hand. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar you just bid is going directly into the pockets of the good, kind folks at Crisis Ministries. And that’s worth a $5(00) bid any day.

Step Three: You Won! Hooray!

At 8 p.m. on every auction day, Lynda and I will announce our grand prize winner. (That could be YOU!) At that point, you’ll be asked to direct your computer to our shiny IndieGoGo page (mentioned above.) Here’s what happens next. First, you….

Indie 1

…click on the perk you just purchased. (We’ll only have one on the website at a time, to keep any confusion from happening.) Then you…

Indie 2

…enter in the winning bid to purchase your item! (Don’t worry about “changing the perk.” There will only be one listed on the website per day, so no need to look for alternatives as there won’t be any.) Finally you…

Indie 3

..enter in your shipping address so we’ll know where to send your amazingly awesome prize! (Your address is for our use, only. IndieGoGo does not keep them and will not send you spam. Promise.)

At this point, you’ll be taken to the all-exclusive “Pay Now” page, where you’ll enter in your credit or debit card information to make your donation. As soon as the funds hit our account, we’ll ship your prize to you (unless you’re our next door neighbor or our Mom. Then we’ll probably just bring it to your house.)

And THAT’S how our online auction will work! I hope you’ll jump right in and participate as we have until December 9th to meet our goal of $500 raised!! If you aren’t interested in any of the items we have to offer, you can also just visit our IndieGoGo page and donate directly to our cause. Every little bit helps, so thank you for your generosity in advance!

I don’t know about you, but the satisfaction of handing a big ol’ fat check to Crisis Ministries, and knowing we’re doing something great for our community, is the only thing I want for Christmas this year. So, bid away, my friends! And please, share our cause with your friends, families, and fellow bloggers.

To Lynda, my partner-in-crime, and Jon, our gallant sponsor: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking my little dream and making it something remarkable.