Our Fairy Tale

There are some bedtime stories that never go out of style. We tend to favor Pete the Cat and Green Eggs and Ham in our house. But unlike some other families, there is another fairy tale that I like to tell my boys sometimes. And it’s the story of how they came into our lives. It goes a little something like this:

Once upon a time, not too terribly long ago, a boy fell in love with a girl. They got married by the ocean, with their feet in the sand and a dream in their hearts. Because you see, not only did they want to spend their lives together, this boy and girl also wanted very much to become a Mommy and a Daddy.

But life had other plans for them (at first.) And so they dried their tears and wished on the biggest star in the sky every night for ten long years.

The time went by slowly, but they never stopped wishing for their perfect child.

Then, one hot summer day, the girl’s phone rang. And on the other end was another mommy, from a land not so far away. This Mommy knew she was going to have a perfect child, and she wanted that child to have the perfect parents who would love him, care for him, and provide for him a perfect life she so wanted him to have. And with a star whispering in her ear, she had chosen them!

So the boy and girl rejoiced, and they planned and they celebrated and soon, they packed their bags. And in the heat of a late July afternoon, they drove and drove and drove, anxious to meet their perfect child.

When they arrived at the hospital, with their hearts in their hands, they found him sleeping under a warming light, all pink and tiny and new, a blue cap on his head. The boy beamed with pride; the girl wept with gratitude. They swept the baby up into their arms, showered him with kisses, and whispered words of love into the tiny cup of his ear. Because finally, finally, their wishes had come true.

And they all lived happily ever after, never knowing their family wasn’t complete…yet.

Fast forward just 20 short months, four days before Christmas. Mommy and Baby played happily, waiting for Daddy to come home from work, when suddenly, her phone rang. Another baby was coming, another star granting its wish, and Baby was going to be a Big Brother! Oh, how they danced and cried and laughed! This new little one was their favorite Christmas surprise.

Three months later, Mommy and Daddy kissed Big Brother goodbye, packed their bags again, and drove and drove and drove, anxious to meet their second perfect child.

In the dead of night, with frost on the windows, their second wish came true. He was round of cheek, with eyes wide and dark, and he came into the world with a mighty yell. And once the chaos subsided, Mommy and Daddy and Baby were whisked away into a private room. They held him close, and kissed his head, and whispered words of love into the tiny cup of his ear. Because finally, finally, their family was complete.

The moral of this story, sweet boys, is threefold. One: never, ever give up on your dreams, because there is always a hidden star just waiting to make them to come true. Two: never, ever forget that you were loved, wished, and dreamed into existence. And three: never, ever lose faith in the generosity and kindness of other people, because it is there, even if you can’t see it, always.

And as tales usually go, they are living happily ever after, a Family of Four.

The End