Like A Bowl Full of Jelly

I’ve gained three pounds since December 1.

This may not seem like a big deal to you. I mean, three pounds isn’t a whole heapin’ lot. And could easily be shed with a couple of diligent weeks worth of work.

Here’s the thing, though. I made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to gain the typical five (twelve) pounds that often comes with the holidays. I was going to keep indulgences to a minimum, continue my three-times-a-week trips to the gym, and avoid the merriment of gorging on cookies until the actual holiday.

I wasn’t looking to continue losing during the holidays. That’s too much pressure to put on anyone, especially a fat girl who really loves Christmas cookies.

weight loss 1

But I was going to maintain. That was my key word. MAINTENANCE.

See, I’ve managed to lose (and up until two weeks ago, maintain) a 35-pound weight loss this year. That’s three dress sizes, people. I started Werq in late February, and have been dancing my way to a slimmer, sexier me. I know what you’re thinking–thirty-five pounds isn’t a whole lot. Especially when you think of how long it took me to lose that weight. (9 1/2 months. But who’s counting?) But for me? It’s the most successful I’ve been with weight loss since I figured out I needed to lose weight about ten years ago. I’ve never lost this much, never kept up an exercise routine for this long, never been this successful before. And so, as the holidays approached, I promised myself that I would stay on the wagon. Or at least, hitched to it, so that when January 1 rolls around, I’ll already be ahead of the curve.

But. Cookies.

I have to be honest with myself. It’s not just the holiday cookies. It’s the “it’ll be easier to pickup a pizza” phenomenon. The “it’s just one bottle of wine” scenario. The cheerful Christmas cheeseburger (with extra bacon.) That’s been happening, too.

So I’m reigning it in. Move over Santa. You can have the big jiggly bowl full of jelly. And you can have my share of Christmas cookies, too.

Weight loss 2

After I eat this oatmeal cookie sandwich with a side of chocolate peanut butter globs.

3 thoughts on “Like A Bowl Full of Jelly

  1. violettempest

    You have accomplished a lot and don’t be so hard on yourself. Yes you’ve splurged. Yes you gained back 3 of the 35.5 pounds you got rid of (remember, don’t say lost because you aren’t looking to find it 😉 ), BUT you are aware that you’ve splurged and are getting back in control. That right there is a HUGE accomplishment. AND show me the person who tells you 35.5 pounds isn’t a lot and we’ll tackle them, strap 35.5 pound bags of sand on their body, then make them walk around all day. I bet at the end of a 24 hour period they’d be singing a different tune. <3

    1. ThatGabbyAbby Post author

      You’re right! I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. It’s a little scary how easily I slipped into old habits, though. Thanks for your big vote of confidence!

  2. carriebaughcum

    Have I told you lately how much I adore you and how very proud I am of you! What an incredible journey! It is a constant battle, those bad habits. Te holidays just make it super hard to stick with some of our new habits. For me it is hard because the things are not routine and more relaxed. I am with you. My goal was to keep losing but that is a lot of pressure. I like the maintain idea! No matter what you think, I think 35 pounds is a huge deal and I am inspired by you!

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