Happy Anniversary, FRIENDS

For those of you not in the know, we just celebrated the tenth anniversary of the final episode of the best show ever, Friends.

Friends cast

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Crap. Now I want a milkshake.

Anywho, I am a HUGE fan of this show. So much so that I still use quotes from the dialogue on a regular basis. (Could I BE any cooler?)  So when my newsfeed started lighting up with Friends articles right around the anniversary date, I clicked on and read them ALL. My favorite? A blog by a writer named Tsh, called “The One Where I Love Friends.” It’s hilarious. And I loved it so much I went in search of Friends gifs that I could relate to my own life. Here’s what I came up with.

Me when I get question right on Final Jeopardy:

a woo-hoo!

Me when I’m on a diet:


Me when the cats start yowling for food at 5 o’clock in the morning:

shut uuuuup

Me when Brian does the laundry without being asked:

how you doin?

Me when that thing happened on The Game of Thrones and I totally wasn’t expecting it:

huh? What?Me when I’m reading people’s Facebook status updates:

GRAMMAR please.

Me with every single baby I encounter:

a boo boo boo

Me with my iPhone when Brian catches me Twitter stalking Zachary Levi:

not guilty

Me in line at the grocery store when a cool jam starts playing:


Me at my Werq class:


Me with a particularly irritating customer:


Me when I read that Donnie Wahlberg is engaged to She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named:


Me reading Dune:


Me when I’m right and you’re wrong:


Me constantly doing jazz hands for no apparent reason:

jazz hands

And finally….me every single time I watch the Friends series finale:


Ok, that was so much fun. Thank you, internet, for having so many wonderful gifs to choose from. Now…I’m gonna go watch Friends all day.

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, FRIENDS

  1. Skyla

    I’m going to comment on every GIF in order:
    1. ME! I LOVE Jeopardy!!
    2. Me, but not just on a diet!
    3. Me, for ANY reason at 5am
    4. Me if my hubby does any housework – but especially the kitchen!
    5. Yep.
    6. OMGoodness!!! YES!!!!
    7. Me, especially for the 6 years we were trying for a baby.
    8. Yes – except for Justin Timberlake
    9. See Below
    10. In my car, in the grocery store, at WERQ, at a party, etc when ANY WERQ song comes on!
    11. Yes, but with more eye twitch and mostly in my head!
    12. No comment
    13. Me reading the Scarlet Letter
    14. YES.
    15. A metaphor for my excessive use of exclamation points!!!!
    16. :'(
    This was fun!! Annnd now I need to go watch some Friends!!! Thanks Abby!
    PS – We need to meet someday soon!

  2. Carrie Baughcum

    Now that’s a way to start a Friday!!! So much snorting happening!!! Cracking me up woman!!!! I love it and I have a small infatuation with GIFS. They are just so much fun!

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