ThatGabbyAbby Goes To PubSmart–A Video Blog

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Links of Importance Mentioned in the Video:

PubSmart Writers’ Convention (Or, search the hashtag #PubSmartCon on Twitter)
Hugh Howey’s Website
Laura Pavlides’ website

19 thoughts on “ThatGabbyAbby Goes To PubSmart–A Video Blog

  1. Kevin A. Ranson

    Good stuff! You’ve probably heard this already in one form or another at the conference: many traditional publishers are looking for successful self-publishers to hitch their wagon to, not the other way around.

    1. ThatGabbyAbby Post author

      Thank you! It is a phenomenon I’ve heard of before. I love that idea…major companies looking to hitch their wagon to a self-made star. Isn’t the revolution a sweet thing?

  2. Sandy

    My favorite books are Indies. So happy you are inspired. There is joy in Whoville. And Silos. And in the adventure that is in indie publishing. I am on the receiving end as I am just a reader.

  3. karin

    Abby, I’ve been following Hugh for a few months now. You will be blown away by all of his ideas. He’s had three brilliant ones this week. You will see – he has a finger on the pulse of this industry. He knows what is going on. And we will be successful by following in his footsteps.

    1. ThatGabbyAbby Post author

      I had so many “lightbulb” moments listening to him speak at this conference. I look forward to future nuggets of wisdom from him! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Charla

    Lol…crushing on Hugh Howey. It’s easy to do. He’s an awesome guy. It is wonderful that you had so many ah ha moments at the conference. Good for you. Now go forth and write your butt off.

  5. patriciasands

    Hi Abby – I was at PubSmart too and totally agree with the points you raised in your video. I am a happily self-pubbed author with novel #3 coming in July. Try it, you’ll like it!

    1. ThatGabbyAbby Post author

      Wow!! Thanks so much!! I’m honored, truly, to speak a little about how much PubSmart changed my thinking about the industry. I’m excited that you found me, and my humble little blog! Thanks for spreading the word!!

  6. A.K.Andrew @artyyah

    Thanks Abby, it’s inspiring to see your excitement at your aha! Moments. And they were all good ones. It’s so true particularly the validation aspect. And yet we still keep doing it. I’m about to send out to agents, and if that doesn’t happen for me I will self publish, but no longer see it as second best. Be nice for someone to pickup the initial costs of editing, cover charges etc. so we’ll see.

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  8. Kathy Meis

    Abby, thank you! I love your honesty…that you are sharing your journey with fellow writers and readers. As one of the founding partners of PubSmart, you made my day! It was the PubSmart team’s mission to provide authors with the information they need to create a roadmap for success. You seem well on your way, Abby. Love your vlog by the way. I’ll be tuning in again — honest, informative and fun to watch. Best of luck…and keep in touch between now and our 2015 conference. We want to celebrate as you reach new milestones in your writing career.

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