Abby Is Not Impressed

For the last few days, my various social media sites have been filling up with posts about snow. So many of those posts are photos of families happily playing in giant piles of the fluffy white stuff: sledding, making snow cream, building giant snowmen, warming up with hot chocolate and homemade cookies.

You know the photos, they’re in your timelines too (unless you live in San Diego, and if that’s the case, you suck and I want to live in your guest room.)

I’m talking about photos like this one:



You guys, with your adorable mittens and your matching scarves, make winter look like SO MUCH FUN!

Well, winter has come to South Carolina. And can I just say? Winter is NOT fun.

Not. At. All.

Specifically, winter sucks when it only entails of freezing rain, sleet, and ice. And with those things comes no power, downed power lines, and falling trees.

When it comes to winter, I’m not impressed.

Snow me

(Look at me, being all relevant to current events while still making jokes. Go me.)

Here’s the truth of it: yesterday, we got almost an entire inch of ice here in the land of severe humidity and tropical weather. And it was over 60 degrees in Sochi. At the WINTER Olympics. Freezing temps, for the gold.

While we only lost power for four hours yesterday, my family was electricity-less for nearly 12 hours. I have friends who live out in the country who are STILL without power. And the tree limbs just keep on fallin’.

So, Mother Nature, I’d like you to take this whole winter thing and shove it. I’ll take my 85 degrees and the sand between my toes any day.

*For those of my Northern friends dealing with feet of snow as opposed to inches, I realize you’ll read this and think, “She doesn’t know the meaning of winter.” Truth is—this is as scary as cold weather gets for us near the SC coast. So while we may not be buried beneath Mother Nature’s snowy bosom, we are frantically trying to cope after being hit with a second severe ice storm in three weeks. When you don’t have salt trucks, or winter coats, or strong and manly trees, it gets sorta hectic. So sympathize with us, even if it’s just a little. And maybe send us a snow plow, just in case.*

4 thoughts on “Abby Is Not Impressed

  1. Carrie Baughcum

    At least you are safe! I also hope by this time your friends and family have electricity and are warm. I have so many choice words for Mother Nature this winter like maybe it’s time for her to take a vacation, maybe it’s time for her to be wrapped in a straight jacket and committed, maybe it’s time for her to retire and let someone younger and with warmer weather be in charge. It’s been a crazy winter in all parts of the Midwest and eastern US!!!! Stay warm Abby!!! And if all else fails it might be time to start spiking the coffee!

  2. Charles

    I could not agree more! After three winters in Minot, ND, I know what cold weather is. I also know I do not like it. Fortunatley, we have had the inverese of your weather here in Germany this year…Almost no snow this. I’ll be heading back to my beloved San Antonio this year. Give me Barbeque over bobsledding any day!

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