The Over-Achieving Godmother Strikes Again

There are a few things you need to know about the video I’m going to post below before you actually watch it. Some of these things you may already be aware of, others may be new information for you. Either way, it requires some set up.

One: I am godmother to two of the most beautiful youngsters in existence. Their names are Jacob and Ellie, and their mother happens to be my equally beautiful best friend, Jenna.

kids 13

Two: While Jacob has been in our lives, and our hearts, for almost four years now, it wasn’t until Ellie was born in 2012 that we were granted the gift of godparent-dom by their Mommy and Daddy. I sent Jenna a baby gift in the form of a princess dress, a gorgeous stuffed unicorn lovie, and some princess ‘slippers.’ She sent me a note formally asking if we would be Jacob and Ellie’s ‘fairy godparents.’ So when it comes to princesses and fairy tales, we sort of have a theme going here. (We even went to the renaissance festival dressed as “The Fairy Godparents,” a couple of years ago. Wings and all. Yes, Brian, too.)

Three: I really, really, really love being a godmother. Like, a lot. Like, I talk about these kids like they’re my own. I spend weeks counting down between our visits. I live for planning their birthday parties and putting together little care packages and figuring out just what will make them happy. I send them videos and pictures all the time. Let’s just say that if I lived closer to Jenna she’d be SO sick of me because I’d be at her house every single day, doting on those precious babies. (And spending time with her, of course.)

Four: I’m an overachiever with too much free time on my hands (who happens to adore creating or sending things that I know will make my godchildren smile.)

Ok, I think that’s enough set up. And now, without further ado, here is Ellie’s Annual Happy Birthday Video, in the form of an AbbyGabs video blog.


Did I mention that I’m an overachiever?

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