These Are The Days Of Abby’s Life

I can’t go on denying it. Not to you, readers, nor to myself. Love is a fickle, fickle thing, and I find myself in a position no woman wants to be in.

Not really.

I’m in love. Again.

It’s not that I’m bad at devotion. It’s not that I have commitment issues. It’s not that I have a short attention span.

Ok, it might be a little of that last thing I mentioned.

The truth is that, while Donnie Wahlberg was an obsession, and Nathan Fillion was a fun rebound crush thing, my new love started at a slow simmer and has slowly blossomed into something…more.

He’s kind. Funny. Handsome. He has the most amazing, kill-a-girl-with-just-one-smile smile. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He does charity work for Operation Smile–an organization that pays for surgeries to fix cleft lips and palettes for children around the world. He sings, and had a show on Broadway that just ended called “First Date.” He did a voice in the popular Disney movie, “Tangled.” He played the most adorable computer tech-turned-international super spy on TV.

Meet, my new fake celebrity boyfriend, Zachary Levi.



… … … … What? Yeah, I’m still here. Sorry…I was right about the killer smile thing, though, AMIRIGHT??

ANYway…this romance began in a very specific setting.

You guessed it. Comic Con. More specifically, at Nerd HQ. Listen: That whole day just rocked. Hard core rocked. Eighties hair band rocked. Grand Canyon rocked. We brushed elbows with Wil Wheaton and watched “Serenity” with Nathan Fillion and it was just the most awesome experience, ever. It was the perfect set up for Nerd Love, if you know what I’m sayin’.

I was already a fan of Zac’s before Nerd HQ, but two things turned me into an UBER fan that day. One: his generosity, and the way he wears his heart on his sleeve when he talks about how passionate he is about his fans, his family, and his charity.

And two: This Picture.


That gorgeous grin haunts me every day. Literally. Because I printed out a copy and put it up in our living room, right next to our detailed Kre-O Star Trek Enterprise, and Manny wearing a Fez.

Photographic Evidence:

Please don't judge my housekeeping skills based on the dust you see in this photo. This shelf happens to be very tall, and I can't reach it to dust unless I climb up on the love seat to do it, which I've never done except to take this picture.

Please don’t judge my housekeeping skills based on the dust you see in this photo. This shelf happens to be very tall, and I can’t reach it to dust unless I climb up on the love seat to do it, which I’ve never done except to take this picture.

Since that fateful day when Zac wrapped his arms around me, complimented my awesome shirt, and made me genuinely feel like the only person in the room (despite the queue of people waiting for their turn for a photo. And oh, right, my husband, who’s standing just on the other side of him)…Netflix made the announcement that they were finally putting “Chuck” up for streaming. And Brian and I watched every single episode over the holidays.

I’ve also started following Zac on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhoSay, and actively look for memes about him on Tumblr. That’s right, people. I’m hooked. Head over heels. Total stalker mode. Call me a fan girl, that’s ok. I know what this is—and it’s true fake love.

Judge me not, friends and readers. I know I’ve taken you on quite the journey with my romances since Abby Gabs’ inception. But the heart wants what the heart wants. And right now, it wants Chuck Bartowski. Oh yeah.

… … … … Wait, you thought something was going on with my marriage?? No way, Jose. We’re still cool, y’all. No worries. Brian will ALWAYS be the winner of the Man War, no matter how many incarnations there are in this lifetime.

Best. Marriage. Ever.

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  1. carriebaughcum

    Oh Abby…he is one serious cutie! And the fact that he’s just an all around great guy makes him even cuter. You know those memes your looking for…don’t forget to share sister! Share the cute!

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