A New Year’s Eve Do-Over (Official AbbyGabs Video Blog)

So in my last blog, I made a whole lotta noise about posting more frequently here as of January 1. And I wholeheartedly meant every word I said, readers! But as the days of January peeled off the calendar, I’m guessing YOU were wondering just where I was. Well, I was sick. So I missed New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, and, well, most of the holiday season.

They tell me it’s textbook that I (the spoiled firstborn neat freak perfectionist with slight OCD) demand a do-over from a missed holiday. So, you’re going to help me recreate New Year’s Eve in today’s short video blog. If you don’t still have your festive hats and noisemakers, it’s ok. I understand. All I ask is that you help me count down to MY 2014, which officially starts today.

(It’s totally ok if you want to mime having a noisemaker. You can just pretend and make the sound with your mouth.)


Happy 2014 Readers!!


If you can’t view the video, or are having technical difficulties, copy and paste the following code into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLafVofBLd8&feature=share&list=UUEczew4VOwLtc9F–J-rUUA

3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve Do-Over (Official AbbyGabs Video Blog)

  1. Carrie Baughcum

    Happy New Year!!!! Oh I hope you are even more on the mend. What a terrible way to spend the holiday! You seriously crack me up though! Happy New Year!!!! Oh I said that already…here’s to a whole new year, ours to create!

  2. Mom

    Oh dear…..it is a virus though. Are you sure it’s not catching??!! I’ve heard all about these computer viruses. :o)

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