It’s Not My Fault…

…that I haven’t written a blog since the uber-depressing one that I wrote a few days ago from the corner of Despair Drive and Sad Face Alley. (You think that’d be a perfect intersection for a cupcake shop, but I couldn’t find one.)

Seriously. You can’t be mad at me. Here are three legitimate reasons why blogging simply cannot be accomplished today.



If you can’t see the video, copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

2 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault…

    1. ThatGabbyAbby Post author

      When it comes to his chair, he’s VERY stubborn. Every time I would get up to answer the phone or something, he’d be in the chair within 10 seconds flat. And when I’d come back, he’d look up at me like “Seriously?” LOL

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