Back To Reality…Sort Of

After the magickery of last week, I’ve finally come down from Cloud 900 and am back to the grindstone.

I have to go to the DMV this week.


Anywhoo, I noticed on my trip that my driver’s license has fallen apart. Completely. As in two halves make a whole. I whipped it out of my wallet to check in to our hotel pre-concert, and could only laugh when it came out in pieces.


I had to ask the desk clerk for scotch tape. And then I had to pray to the alcohol gods that  I wouldn’t be carded at the arena. Because I knew they’d think it was a fake ID. (Because I look like a fresh-faced 16 year old, after all. Right?)

At any rate, when I pulled my license out this morning to take the above picture, the tape gave way on one side and the two plastic pieces fell apart in such a way that it reminded me of Kate Beckett flashing her credentials in the bad guy’s face. So I thought….hey, art project.


But then I thought to myself, “Self, that could be construed as impersonating a police officer. And that’s bad news, Mr. Bill.” So I removed the post-it note badge and found myself instead pondering the always frightening license photo.

It’s really a shame that I can’t choose my own. I mean, I have a TON of perfect photos to choose from for my driver’s license. Think the state of South Carolina would allow me to submit any of the following?


No? Really? I was seriously hoping for the princess one.

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