Guess What, Gang?

Today is my birthday.



Truth be told, with all the stuff that’s been going on lately in my own little life, I don’t much feel like celebrating. That’s really saying something, because I LOVE my birthday. I’m all about partying down and such, especially when it’s in my own honor.

(It’s the deeply buried narcissist in me. I can’t help it.)

I mean, in the life of Abby Gabs, I’ve shared my birthday moments with you, ranging from awesome gifts to the ultimate in all of birthdaylandia…THE Donnie Wahlberg Pinata. I’m a lucky, lucky girl. For the most part, my birthdays have been pretty fantastic.

But as my head hit my pillow last night, I turned to Brian and said, “I miss it when birthdays were exciting.”

I remember being nine years old, wanting desperately to be ten for, like, EVER. The countdown started in January–I was always aware of how many days were left until that all important tenth birthday. The night before was like Christmas Eve on steroids–I quivered with excitement beneath my New Kids on the Block comforter.

And when the big day came? I felt like a superhero rock star princess.


My parents threw me a surprise slumber party, and I was officially the coolest kid at school. Friends, and pizza, and a huge cake. Hugs, and cards, and a mountain of gifts.

In short? It was awesome.

I wish birthdays were like that as an adult. Don’t you miss that feeling? I do.


Oh wait…I just remembered what I am getting for my birthday this year. NKOTB in concert—-T minus 6 days and counting. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

(*Abby quivers with excitement in her office desk chair.)


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