Today Is A Special Day…

Today is my Mom’s birthday.

Mom 1

If I could, I’d make all her birthday wishes come true. I’d buy her a beautiful house–one that sits right on the beach, so she can wake up to sunshine and sand and surf every single day for the rest of her life.

Mom 2


I’d shower her with the two things she loves the most: chocolate and puppies.

Mom 3

(Although very carefully, so the puppies couldn’t eat the chocolate. That’s bad for them.)

I wouldn’t just give her a bouquet of flowers. I’d give her an entire FIELD of flowers–each happy petal meant to make her smile.

mom 4

If I could grant wishes, I’d give her everything her heart desires, even those things that are impossible. And I wish I could. I really really wish I could.

I hope she’ll be happy with a big hug, instead.

I love you, Mom! I know today won’t be as bright and shiny as it should be, but I’ll still be celebrating your life today, and every day. XO