Pick Me! Choose Me! Love Me!

Hi readers. I miss you. If you’re feeling neglected, I wholeheartedly apologize. The truth is, I have a TON of funny blogs planned for you. I keep a list on my trusty iPhone, and I giggle every time I add a new idea to that list. But lately, I’ve been so completely absorbed with this one specific thing that my blog has taken the unfortunate role of second fiddle.

I’m talking about my novel, y’all.

author 2

(Let’s pretend that this is the real life cover.)

I’ve been editing this sucker since February. Adding scenes. Deleting scenes. Moving scenes around. Fixing timeline errors. Adjusting characterization to fit the story. Polishing. Nipping. Tucking. Perfecting.

It is a TON of work. It’s time-consuming. It’s thought-consuming. It’s SOUL-consuming.

And it’s SO MUCH fun.

As I’m finishing up the final edit, thoughts of potential publication keep creeping into my brain. I’ve already sent out one query letter to an agent in New York. (Tiny squee!) It looked a little something like …


(Ok, so I didn’t do quite so much begging. Although, I might have come across as a little…needy. So I’m not surprised that I haven’t heard from her.)

It’s an odd process, that of seeking publication. Especially when you’re a first-time author with no previous experience. You’re basically sending a letter to sell them your story. You’re charged with presenting it in such a way that is creative, attention-catching, and interesting, without being campy or showy or stupid. You’re job is to convince them that you’re worthy of being one of their published authors based on your wit, charm, and amazingly good ideas. You’re supposed to wow them with your lengthy list of experience, which I’m sure for some people is an easy thing. But my experience as a writer goes like this:

I write a blog.

The end.

I’ve never been published (unless my high school literary magazine counts. Damn, does that count? *edits current form query letter*)

In a way, it’s sort of like wrapping yourself up and presenting yourself to them as the best gift they’re ever going to receive in their entire lives.

author 1 copy

Now, you try to refrain from chanting “PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!” while you’re wearing a giant gold bow on your shiny forehead.

Don’t worry, readers. I’ll be around. I will finish this last edit, I will prepare my query letters and send them off to the list of agents and publishing houses I have selected. And then I’ll be sitting back and waiting for the rejections (and maybe one acceptance???) letters. Then I’ll have all the time in the world to fill. So don’t fret. I’ll be back. Very very soon.

2 thoughts on “Pick Me! Choose Me! Love Me!

  1. Carrie (akaLaverne)

    You take as looooong as you need. We all will still be here. How exciting. It is finally all coming together and really REALLY happening! I am soooo over the moon happy and crossing my fingers and squinching my face wishing that a brilliant publisher is going to be smart enough to know what they have when they see it!!!! PICK HER PICK HER PICK HER!!!!

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