Animals Talk, Too…

…even if you can’t hear them. I mean, they talk to me. I can clearly hear their thoughts just by looking at their little faces. In fact, Brian and I have conversations with our pride of cats all the time.

So when we took an impromptu trip to Riverbanks Zoo yesterday, I thought I’d show you exactly what I mean by the phrase “Animals Can Talk.”

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Still not convinced? Fine. Prepare for yet another AbbyGabs video. I warned you.

See? Animals can TOTALLY talk. Am I right?

I could’ve just done another “look at all the pretty pictures I took at the zoo yesterday” post, but I’ve done those at least twice. So I thought I’d show off our collective photography skills while also making you laugh. If the pictures don’t work, I’m pretty sure my goofy animal voices will do the trick. 

6 thoughts on “Animals Talk, Too…

  1. violettempest

    LOL! Love it! I always say if they could REALLY talk we would be in trouble! (By really talk, I mean speak our language, because they can clearly communicate by there expressions.)

    1. ThatGabbyAbby Post author

      That’s true. I can always tell what my boys are thinking. I can only imagine what would happen if they could really tell me what was on their minds! LOL

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