Happy Little Trees

Thursday was my monthly Girl’s Night Out with gal pals Jessie and Rachel. We’ve shared some hilarious moments in the past–usually at a restaurant or sitting around one of our dining room tables. But this month, we decided to get crazy. Er. Crazier. And we took our ‘we’re louder than you because we’re also having more fun than you’ attitudes and waltzed right into Bottles ‘n Brushes for a night of wine, art, and fun.

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For those who have never heard of such a thing, let me explain exactly what it is that Bottles ‘n Brushes does so well. You show up to this lovely little art studio, beautifully decorated with tons of finished paintings from previous classes, and are immediately faced with your empty canvas. In two hours, they teach you how to paint a masterpiece–all in a step-by-step, you-can-do-it-even-if-you-can’t-draw-a-straight-line-with-a-ruler, it’s-ok-if-you-drop-a blob-of-paint-somewhere-because-we-can-totally-fix-it sort of way.

For someone like me, who considers THIS to be a work of art, this is a priceless teaching concept.

Final product

An olive oil bottle I painted for Mom.

Jess and I arrived a few minutes before Rachel, and we quickly donned our cheerfully paint-splattered aprons and fancied ourselves as ar-teests.


By the time Rachel, and our other classmates, arrived, we were in full-fledged ready-to-paint mode.

We were also in full-fledged let’s-crack-open-this-bottle-of-wine mode. Which we did. Which made the rest of the night that much more awesome.

As our lovely instructor, Carley, took to the stage, we sat at our stools, pulled out our paper plates filled with blobs of the rainbow, and dove right in. With Carley and Meg (her assistant), cheering us on, we learned how to paint a lovely hilltop scene, complete with…you know it…a happy little tree.

Before we go there, though, let me share with you the stages of achieving painting excellence.

Step One:
Paint the sky.


Step Two:
Learn how to blend colors.


Step Three and Four:
Have a drink, a cookie, and some bruschetta. Also, ask loud questions and cause the rest of the class to look at you like you’re a giant orange Muppet.

Step Five:
Happy tree!!


Now that you have seen my finished product, you will understand why, all night long, I was channeling my inner Bob Ross.


The truth of the matter is that, at some point, each of us was unhappy with the progress we were making on our painting. Jess was unhappy with a spot of canvas she inadvertently forgot to fill in with green. Rachel didn’t like the way the grass appeared to be taking over her path. I wasn’t thrilled with the shape my path took toward the bottom of the canvas. But just like Bob Ross, Carley and Meg taught us how to shade in that white spot, to embrace the artistic nature of our natural hand, and to believe in our artist’s eye.

It was a beautiful thing, y’all.

And so, we wrapped up the evening, incredibly proud of the work we’d done, happy that we’d done it together…


…and just a lil’ bit tipsy. Not gonna lie.

Thanks so much to Carley and Meg, for bringing out our inner painters. We will absolutely be back!! Maybe next time we could paint the TARDIS? Or perhaps a lifelike portrait of Donnie Wahlberg? Just a suggestion…

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  1. violettempest

    LOL! My best friend and I did this once. My daughter is an artist and her son was taking lessons too. We wanted to try it just so we would know what it was like for them and possibly even learn a thing or two, so when they discussed art with us we weren’t just nodding our heads and smiling. Needless to say, mine was in no shape, form, or fashion anywhere near as good as my daughter’s stuff. Sigh. well, I never claimed to be an artist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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