Munchkin Quest–Our Newest Obsession

This post is going to read a little like an advertisement. But that’s ok. Because Brian and I have a new nerdy obsession, and I absolutely must share it with you. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of Munchkin Quest!


Yeah, that’s ok. I’d never heard of it either. But in our eternal quest to reach “Nerdvana,” we stumbled upon this little board game in the vast reaches of the world wide web. And since it arrived at our door step a few days ago, we have been playing it non-stop.

Munchkin Quest is a dungeon-crawler board game, much like Dungeons and Dragons (so I’ve heard.) (Dungeon Crawler=Role-playing game where players explore a labyrinth, fighting monsters and using magic along the way.) (Still with me? Ok, good.)

Anywhoo, the purpose of this little game is to wander from room to room, defeating scary monsters, and leveling up your player. Sounds pretty simple, right?


This game has eleventy-billion rules. Seriously. It comes with a rule book 20-pages thick. There are numerous dice to be rolled, a mountain of cards to figure out, and rules upon rules to be memorized. 

But don’t let that information daunt you. There are SO many things I love about this game. 

*It is cutthroat. It is way too easy to pull the rug out from beneath your opponent’s feet. All it takes is the luck of the draw, and the guts to actually play the card when the time arises.

*It has a sense of humor. What other game do you know of that allows you to curse your opponent by tossing a chicken on his head, rendering him unable to fight with 100% accuracy?

*It is about luck, not skill. It doesn’t matter how awesome you think you are at this game, if the cards and the dice aren’t with you, then you will not win. (Unless the cards and the dice decide to join your team about halfway through—then it is entirely possible to win, even if you’ve been down by 5 or 6 levels the entire game.)

But my FAVORITE thing about Munchkin Quest are the cartoons on the cards. They are HILARIOUS, people. You’ll draw a weapon that is a Sword That Kills Everything (Except Squid.) You’ll fight monsters like the Leperchaun (a leprechaun with leprosy) or the Zombees (undead bumble bees). 

Just to give you a small taste of the Munchkin realm, here are a couple of illustrations depicting how Brian and I ended our most recent game.

Brian as an Elf Warrior, sporting Butt-Kicking Boots,
carrying a Step-Ladder (for those hard-to-reach monsters)
and cursed with an Evil Chicken.

Me as a Halfling Wizard,
wearing the Amulet of Fire-Breath,
with a Fire-Breathing Shoulder Dragon as my pet.

The hairy toes are my favorite part.

So if you’re looking for a board game to while away the hours while you slowly become the nerdiest person in your social group, I suggest you pick up Munchkin Quest. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s definitely worth the gold pieces you’ll throw down for it. Because I promise you–you’ll be speaking the lingo and tossing around the insults like a true Munchkin in no time.

2 thoughts on “Munchkin Quest–Our Newest Obsession

  1. nagzilla

    AHHHHH! My daughter and I started getting into the regular Munchkin after playing it at a con, and I figured it was a good intro (read: gateway drug) into D&D, which Andrea wants to play but we don’t have anyone nearby to play with. This sounds like it’s a closer substitute. Thank you for sharing! Now to run out and spend money!

  2. Laverne Smith

    How awesome. I’m not a D and D’er but I do love me a good board game you can sit and play for hours. My daughters are not old enough for that yet and honestly I do not know if I’d have the patience to take it on by myself but I also adore great humor and talented drawings woven with unexpected and fun humor. Sounds like a great game. Also I’d seriously be afraid I’d play it wrong. Then meet someone who does play it and they’d be like that’s not how you play it. And I’d be it is in my house. And then is think damn I made up my own rules again! …I want a shoulder size fire breathing dragon too. Brian can keep the evil chicken. That scares me a bit.

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