Further Proof That I Married The Perfect Man

I’m having an Ugly Duckling Day.

You know, the kind of day when you wake up in the morning and, upon perusing your reflection in the mirror, wonder just why in the hell it doesn’t break? 

Today, my hair is frizzy, my skin is badly broken out (stress and chocolate does that to a girl,) and my jeans are feeling too tight. I didn’t even bother with makeup this morning. “What’s the point?” I thought to myself as I tossed the mascara tube back into the bag. “This isn’t going to hide the ugly that’s all up on my face.”

In short, I felt like this:

I slapped on some chap stick, picked the scab off of a nasty zit, and called it a day.

As I wandered into the living room, Brian beamed up at me from the couch. “Good morning, pretty lady,” he said, and kissed me with some enthusiasm.

A small piece of ugly cracked off and fell to the floor.

Then, completely unaware of the inner dialogue I had going on in my Ugly Duckling brain, he said to me, “You look cute today.”

Another piece of ugly was blasted away by his kind words.

And just a few minutes ago, he looked up at me and said, with utter sincerity, “You’re the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.”

I won’t go so far as to say that, after a few sweet sentiments from my husband, that I’m feeling like a swan. However, I’m feeling a lot less Ugly Duckling, and a lot more:

Thanks, honey. You always know what to say to this lucky ducky.

One thought on “Further Proof That I Married The Perfect Man

  1. Laverne Smith

    Awwwwwww!!! You know how incredibly beautiful you are when he says that!!! You must radiate beauty inside and out!!! The sexy duck made me snort! What curves and the glasses!! Great touch!!

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