Our Friends Rock

Sometimes, life gets stressful. 

And sometimes, when the stress begins to boil over and we start to look for an outlet to help us cope, social media, inevitably, becomes involved.

That happened with Team Abby Gabs yesterday. Concern over money–paired with lack of sleep, impatience regarding paperwork, a problem with our bank, and taxes–led to a monumental breakdown, all available for your viewing pleasure on my husband’s Facebook page.

Suffice it to say that our friends and family were concerned, especially when you factor in the part about how my husband NEVER loses his cool, especially during a rant on the internet.

Brian, in no way, intended to worry anyone about our welfare. He may have blown the situation out of proportion just a tiny bit, and it may have all been a reflection of the mini-mental breakdown he had yesterday morning. 

You can’t blame the guy. He’s had a LOT on his plate the last few years, and it all boiled down to WILL I GET MY NURSING LICENSE IN TIME TO START THIS WEEK, YES OR NO, IT BETTER BE YES OR I WILL BE REALLY ANGRY ARRRRRRRGH.

Regardless, there it was, all over Facebook. Our dirty laundry. 

The response could have been anything ranging from “Who needs a hug?” to “Who needs a Valium and a hug?” In truth, I wouldn’t have blamed most of our family and friends if they’d tossed their hands up in the air and backed away slowly. (Because it really is very, very, very rare for Brian to lose his cool, in any situation.)

It all started with a phone call. Someone I’ve been friends with nearly half of my life called to check in, offer support, and asked if she could wire us some money.

Within half-an-hour, I’d gotten text messages from four other friends, a few personal messages on Facebook, and an email.

Eleven a.m. rolled around with a knock at my door, and a dear friend bearing an armload of groceries, so she could stock our empty fridge.

By five p.m., I had a dinner invitation for one night this week, another for one night next week, and a third to be called in ‘whenever it’s needed.’

And as I was logging off last night, headed to bed, I got another message from a friend who heard about our stress, jumped into action, and secured a mini-spa-day, just us girls.

As I turned out the lights, I was left feeling humbled, grateful, and unquestionably blessed. The outpouring of love we received was enormous, and I’m still riding that wave today. Thanks to each and everyone of you! Whether it was a text message, a phone call, or a grand gesture, we thank you. 

Simply put, you guys rock.

4 thoughts on “Our Friends Rock

  1. Laverne Smith

    Even luckier then the groceries, the wired money the spa day… how blessed it is to have friends like that. They don’t just show up though. Good friends come and help and offer and love because you are a good friend too! I am so happy things worked out. You always know they will deep down but that lingering what if is so stressful and scary. Here’s to everything coming on time and fingers crossed for a smooth rest of the month xoxox

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