Summer of Dreams

I feel like I should probably issue an apology to those of you who follow my Twitter feed. Normally, I’m all like “Hey, go read this blog!” and “You guys are awesome!” and “This totally made me laugh!” 

But this past Tuesday, an announcement was made that was so big, so MONUMENTAL, that it changed the course of my Tweeting in a nano-second.

If you were reading along, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, here’s a quick refresher course:

For those who don’t speak hashtag, let me explain a little further. The New Kids on the Block—the band I’ve been obsessed with since I was 9 years old, dancing around my room in a tutu and tennis shoes—made an appearance on The View. 

That, in an of itself, is reason enough to get me all giddy. But the reality is that they’d been tweeting since before Christmas that there was a BIG announcement coming in 2013. And they did not disappoint. Not only did the group announce a brand new album, hitting stores in April, but they also announced a brand new North American tour!!

And they’re not going alone.

OH no, friends and neighbors, they’re making this the Biggest Boy Band Lollapalooza in All the Land.

They’re taking Boyz 2 Men AND 98 Degrees with them!!!

(Pause for a moment of silence while you peruse the following photo:)

The insanity can be found HERE.

(Children of the 90s, rejoice!)

When I realized I was going to have another opportunity to see the group perform, I sort of lost my mind. Which created an even bigger Twitter monster:

That little snippet was only the tip of the ice berg, people. 

And if you’ll notice the second tweet…

Then you’ll understand why THIS is the face I’ve been making since Tuesday:

(I tried making this photo black and white in order to make it less scary. I don’t think it worked, though.)

My gal pal, Jenn, jumped on the concert band wagon as soon as I started going berserk on my personal Facebook page. She’s been gung-ho to go to a concert with me since we met a few years ago. And she’s the perfect New Kids friend, because SHE’S a Joey girl, and I’m a Donnie girl.

So it will work out well when we meet the guys. There will be no competition for our favorite Kid’s affections. Right, Jenn?

Anyway, Jenn and I both have birthdays in June, and as it happens, the concert is making a stop in Charlotte on June 19. And guess who’s going?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(If you didn’t guess Jenn and me, then you’re not very good at this game.)

Now for the kismet part of this whole thing. I’ve only been to one New Kids concert in my whole life. It was in 1990, not too long after my 9th birthday, at the Charlotte Coliseum. I’ll finally get to see them again, in 2013, 6 days after my 32nd birthday, at the same coliseum.


With all that excitement in June, I don’t know how I’m going to handle the added excitement of attending my very first Comic-Con in July!!!?!?

Oh, yes. Brian and I have been planning a trip to San Diego for 2013 since he started nursing school. It’s our big “Hooray for Life Changes” vacation, and we are totally pumped. While they haven’t started making formal announcements of all the nerdy-type fun there will be at this year’s event, we are hoping for a Big Bang Theory panel, something involving Joss Whedon, and most importantly, Doctor Who and Transformer stuff. 

But there will be a whole separate post about that. Because c’mon. It’s COMIC-CON.

I just don’t know what to do with myself, readers. All this excitement, jam-packed into one season? It really will be the summer of dreams.

2 thoughts on “Summer of Dreams

  1. Stephanie

    I can only imagine how excited you are! I remember being a kid and trying and trying to get NKOTB tickets. Redial. Busy signal. Redial. Busy signal. Bah!

    re: comic-con…Costume? I usually go steampunk. But next year I’m going Mad Max post-apocalyptic. Woo-hoo! Love conventions!

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