Saturday. (An Abby Gabs Video Blog)

My phone dinged as soon as I turned it on this morning. And I received a cheerful text from friend and fellow blogger, Laverne.

I’d never lie to Laverne So, here it is, readers. A video blog, all about my typical Saturday.

*If you can’t see the video, click HERE, or point your browser to this link:

**Also, if you’re insanely jealous of the coolest coffee mug on the planet–it was a Hanukkah gift from Aunt Tina–never fear. You can buy a TARDIS mug HERE. (What you didn’t see on the video is that it is a heat changing mug. Pour hot liquid into the mug, and the TARDIS disappears on one side, and reappears on the other. So. Freakin’. Cool.)

***Lastly, if you’re curious about the music in my video blogs, today’s featured songs are “Saturday’s Child” by the Monkees, and “Hail to the Chief,” played by the US Army Band. I own both songs, so don’t sue me.

7 thoughts on “Saturday. (An Abby Gabs Video Blog)

  1. nagzilla

    Do you at least get to have two days off during the week? How do I know you’re not off frolicking when I’m stuck in the office on a Tuesday?
    That said, you’re right. All the cool shtuff happens on the weekend. Sorry you have to work. 🙁 That sucks.

    1. Abby Chamberlain

      I don’t. I am off on Wednesdays and Sundays, so the only way I get two days off back to back is if there’s a holiday. And I don’t mean the kind where the bank closes, I mean the kind where there are parades and midnight shopping sprees and ham. LOL

  2. Stephanie

    So cute! I love your vlogs. I think this one might be my favourite one yet. You talk a lot about work, but I still don’t get what it is that you DO! I hope that you get 2 consecutive days off per week, at least. And, for the record, Saturdays are not always about picnics at the park. Today, for instance, I spent TWO AND A HALF FREAKING HOURS shoveling the snow that’s been falling since I got up. And you know what I’ll be doing on Sunday? Shoveling the snows that falls while I’m in bed. Ugh.

    1. Abby Chamberlain

      Thanks, Steph! I answered your question about my job in a personal email, because when I complain about my job I like to do so privately. Usually. HA!

      And you’re right. I don’t envy you. Not even a little bit. It was 80 degrees here on Wednesday. :0/

  3. Laverne Smith

    Normally I’d say oh you’re so lucky. Oh I wish I was you but working Saturdays I’m with ya akkkkk! I do feel bad though. I’m one of those friends that shares status updates and you feel bad at the office. I may just have to remedy that!!! I LOVE your videos too. You have a wit and timing that is clever, smart and leaves me in awww. Soooo talented. Maybe that’s why you have to work on Saturday. Only witty, funny, smarty, sassy, funny people have to work on Saturday. It’s like instant fodder and funny. Yeah. No. Working on Saturdays SUCKS!!!! One question…. The clock ticking… planned or unplanned cause I gotta tell you it was a great effect!!!

  4. Laverne Smith

    Me again… hehe. LOVE the mug. I need one that size. Sadly I have not found time to sit a watch DrWho yet. I feel like I need time to give it my full concentration. The only time I have to do that lately is when I’m likely to nod off on the couch. I do like it’s effects…!!

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