Christmas in the South

Hooray!! December has arrived in all its glory! Please note that I have decorated Abby Gabs in the appropriate fashion to celebrate the season. And now, share with me another celebratory “Hooray!”

There is so much to love about this time of year. Twinkly lights, gift wrapping, baking marathons, cute clothes, even cuter shoes…it really is the best time of year. 

One of my favorite December pastimes is to brew myself up a piping hot cup of coffee, and watch the birds eating at my feeders.

The picture through my window is of a chilly winter’s morning. The sky is grey and gloomy around these parts this time of year. Clouds threaten rain, the sun barely makes an appearance, and the grass gets all crinkly and dry. It’s wintertime perfection.


If you actually venture out of doors, believing the picture out your window, you’re in for a big surprise. Because in all reality, the weather in Charleston in December is less-than-snowy.

By noon, it is usually getting close to seventy degrees outside. Sure, we have had a few cold Christmases (we’re talking upper thirties here, people.) But for the most part, the nine Christmases I’ve spent here in Charleston have been relatively warm.

Don’t throw things at me, Readers From the North! Believe me when I say there are many a winters day that I miss having seasons. I miss the turning of the leaves, and the crispness in the air as summer turns to fall. I miss being able to find winter coats with substance, and ice scrapers for your car. I miss that feeling of frost “nippin’ at your nose.” I miss snuggly sweaters!!

However, I do not, in any way, shape, or form, miss snow.

So I’ll take my seventy degree weather today. I’ll still wear long sleeves and cute shoes, and just crack the windows or, in a drastic measure, turn on the air conditioning. I’ll wear my favorite knitted hat and I’ll crochet a dozen new scarves.

Because even if it is seventy degrees here today…

Photographic Evidence From My Awesome i-Phone

…it’s still the holidays in my heart.

Ok, I just gagged a little. Sorry about that last line.

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