Bring On The Turkey!

“What are you thankful for this year?” I asked my husband today.

“My loving wife,” he said, tongue in cheek. “The fact that nursing school is almost over. Supportive friends and family…I’m thankful for new beginnings.”

Isn’t he so sweet, y’all?

I have to agree with him (especially about the loving wife part. Except insert “husband” where “wife” is, and we’ve got a winner.) But there are a few…unique things that I’m thankful for this year, other than the usual. And what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t write about them (in list form)?

I am thankful for…
…the gift of humor.
I like to laugh. A lot. Most days, I laugh at myself, my husband, my cats, my friends, and my television. Sometimes, I just laugh at life in general. (And usually, I document it all here, for you to see.)

my godchildren.
It’s a brand new shiny thing–one that I’ve never been able to say until this year. But knowing that there are two adorable little ones, just a relatively short drive away, that I’ll get to spoil outrageously as they grow up…well, that just gives me the Warm-and-Fuzzies. I love those little babies to bits.

…social media.
That may seem to be a shallow thing to some, but social media has opened up a whole new world of communication for me. I’ve honed my stalker skills, made some amazing new friends, and gifted myself with a voice solely my own. Tell me that’s not something to be thankful for!

…my fuzzy, four-legged children.
When you’re all by your lonesome most of the time, it’s nice to have a soft kitty, a warm kitty to come sit on your lap. Those little balls of fur own my heart. My house is full of happy, sleepy kitties, and they all like to purr. (If you don’t recognize the lyrics I just ripped off of Sheldon Cooper, then your nerd card is revoked, people.) I am also HUGELY grateful that they are all over the stomach bug they passed around for the better part of a month! Yay for no more cat puke!

…having the time to hone my skills as a writer.
I know that, if my life were any different than it is at this moment, I might not have the time to be working on my very first novel. And so, I will be grateful that I have this opportunity, and hope that it will lead to future opportunities down the road.

…wine, chocolate, and other stimulants that make life fun.
I’m particularly looking forward to the apple cider sangria we will be enjoying with our turkey and our stuffing today.

…and lastly…I am thankful for Photoshop.
Because without it, I couldn’t wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in a traditional, Abby Gabs sort of way.

Enjoy the pumpkin pie, y’all!! 

One thought on “Bring On The Turkey!

  1. Laverne Smith

    I I did not get around to a thanksgiving post (I should have) (wait you totally gave me an idea… Thanks) (man I get off track here a lot) if I had written a thanksgiving post it would be very similar to this. There is so very much we are blessed with, isn’t there. When I think back on this year I think wow it has been a pretty good one and damn it could be so much worse!! I am happy your life is so full and I hope today finds Bri at the dr and on the mend. That way your entire house, kitty’s and all cans be healthy as well as happy!!! XOXXOXO -Lv

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