My, How The Times Are A-Changin’…

Tomorrow is Sunday. It will be November 18, 2012. I’m telling you this now, so that you can mark your calendars after you read this blog post. Why, you ask? Because tomorrow afternoon, something so momentous, so stupendous, so serendipitous is happening that it should be documented fully.

Let me explain.

Tomorrow, I will be taking my husband to be fitted for a tuxedo.

That’s right. You read that correctly.

Why is this such a major event in the life of the Abby Gabs household? Well, dear reader, there are two reasons. Number one: We have to rent said tux for Brian to wear to his nursing graduation next month. It’s a big deal. We’ll be havin’ a party, ya’ll.

But the second, more important reason that I’m blogging about the menial task of renting my husband a tuxedo is the real reason behind this blog. You see, my husband has a uniform. He wears it practically every day. That uniform consists of jeans, sneakers, and a myriad of nerdy t-shirts.

On any given day, he looks like this:

Now, most men share this trait. They like to knock around the house in jeans and a tee. Perhaps they’ll wear this outfit to the grocery store, or out to a movie.

However, Brian’s uniform has always been deemed appropriate attire for all occasions. For instance, here is Brian on any date night:

Special occasions don’t often change this trend. A birthday dinner with friends? Same clothes. An evening of (forced) fun at the theater? Same clothes. Our anniversary dinner at a 4-star restaurant in Charleston?

Yep, you guessed it.

In fact, my husband is so entrenched in his fashion sense that he flat-out refused to wear a tie OR a vest to our wedding.

And so, you can imagine my glee at hearing the news that all men graduating with the nursing program in 2012 are required to wear a tux.

Not just any tux, mind you. But a SOLID. WHITE. TUX.

Oh, sweet justice.

And can you guess what I’ll be wearing to the tux store tomorrow, dear friends?

Yes I will. And I will enjoy it thoroughly.

4 thoughts on “My, How The Times Are A-Changin’…

  1. Laverne Smith

    HHHHAAAHHHAAAAAHA!!! Boys are such…boys! Nothing like a requirement to change the rules so that they have no other choice then to follow them. Also, very interesting that they will where what someone else says they must wear but your request is optional. Love the pics and so totally can’t wait to see and hear about the graduation. Also… karma has one messed up sense of humor when your non vest or tie wearing hubs has to wear an ALL white tux!!

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