I Know, I Know…

…I promised you I was going to keep posting on a regular basis, even though NaNoWriMo has me super-busy. And I haven’t kept that promise. I’m a bad Abby.

The truth is, this week hasn’t been conducive to much writing at all. Rather than telling you about the week I’ve had, I’d like to show you instead.

My Week In Pictures
And when I haven’t been cleaning up a flooded kitchen, exercising my civic duty, tending to a sick (but healing) cat, and celebrating a random weeknight with girlfriends, I’ve been…well, you know…
Believe me when I say, I miss you, too, readers. Now that the weekend is upon me, I have a TON of catching up to do. I’m really behind with NaNo, so I’ll be spending my free time in the next few days scrambling to add to my word count. So…I guess I’ll be seeing you guys on Monday.
No, really. I promise. I’ll be here Monday.
Unless another pipe bursts. 

7 thoughts on “I Know, I Know…

  1. The Vegetable Assassin

    Good luck with your nano and that sounds sort of vulgar somehow, I don’t know why… I am nanoing for the first time this year and omg I know what you mean when some days you write and write and read it back and…ugh! 🙂 you must let me add you to my nano buddies (all one of them haha) what is your user name?

  2. Laverne Smith

    I love the cat floating in the kitchen!!! Life takes so much of out time… doesn’t it. I love all the pictures of your week. It is funny though as I read this post, my thoughts are humorous to me, not your writing. Even though it is funny sometimes but a funny haha and not a funny oh my you’re a bad writer. Oh my I’m off track… Veering back on. As much as we share our daily lives in pictures and tweets and posts do you ever start to wonder do people want to hear about it again in a post or for that matter it makes me wonder if I should share less and save it for posts. Or maybe I just think too much and should just tell my stories… in between the crazy busy lives we live. Seriously… even on vacation I can’t find time to write. People want to spend time with me. Can you believe that!! Oh my Lordy this comment is out of control. Hi… Happy Saturday!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Abby!

    Just started enjoying your blog recently…clicked on you one day from greatfun4kids! You’ve turned my frown upside down more than once. The more I read & laughed & clicked, the more I started to think, “hey, I think I used to know this gal!” Did you used to take dance lessons in Spencer, NC many, many years ago? I’m Corey…maiden name Yarbrough. I live in northern NJ now, but fondly remember all my childhood dance recitals. Anyway, your blog is a joy to read…seriously! Take care…

    Corey H.

    1. Abby Chamberlain

      Yes! I did!! (Although, let’s not say many many years ago, because that makes me feel old. Let’s say just a few years ago and pretend we’re still young.) LOL. I love that you found me through Simoney’s blog–she’s a doll and one of my favorite bloggers. I’m also amazed at what a small world it really is!! Thanks for reaching out. I hope you are well! (And that you still dance, even if it’s when no one is looking. Cuz that’s when I bust out some of my best moves.)

  4. Jessie

    I like that I’m smirking in this! I meant to tell you that when you first posted this, oops, days are running away from me. Damn you NaNo!

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