An Announcement, A Rabbit That Looks Like My Cat, and A Little Disco (For Funsies)

First and foremost, the formalities…

You will notice that Abby Gabs has been magically transformed over night. That’s right—this writer is ready to jump head first into National Novel Writing Month, and I figured giving my blog (and Twitter profile, and Facebook page) a serious makeover would help keep me in the spirit all November long. For those who have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about, you can learn all about NaNoWriMo on their glorious website, or you can click on the handy-dandy tab above titled “Chasing My Dreams.”

I will try to post here as frequently as usual, and will probably not write about NaNo (much,) so if you’re curious as to my progress, you can check out the Word Count graphic to the left. It’ll tell you how many words I’ve written. May I ask, dear Reader, if it gets to be November 15, and that number hasn’t reached 5 digits yet, that you gift me a swift kick in the arse? (Or perhaps a gentle nudge, depending on your mood?) A million thanks in advance.

Now that I’ve reminded you that I’ll be hunched over my keyboard, striving for brilliance, for the next 30 days, I’d like to share with you a few highlights from our visit to the Coastal Carolina Fair last evening.

First of all, it was a night of Look Alikes. When we visited the petting zoo, I was shocked and amazed to see my cat, Scooter, there. Except….well, it wasn’t a cat. It was a bunny. But he looked JUST LIKE Scooter. See?:

Photographic proof that I’m not crazy (despite my penchant for cooing at animals and children in a weird, high-pitched voice):

Then, as if the Scooter-Look-Alike Bunny wasn’t enough, we sat down behind a young man who, I swear, looked JUST LIKE Detective Esposito (played by actor Jon Huertas) from the television show, Castle. So much so that I pulled up a picture of Huertas on my phone just so Brian could validate my claim. Throughout the entire concert (more on that in a minute) I kept elbowing Brian in the ribs, saying things like, “Holy crap, that guy looks like Espo!” and “I swear, he could be Esposito’s twin!” Finally, I got up the nerve to talk to the young man, and because he was an awesomely good sport, I also secured more Photographic Evidence to prove to you that I’m NOT crazy:

Photo of Jon Huertas courtesy of this website

I don’t know what was more surprising: that all he was missing was a tiny bit of facial hair, that he was totally cool with taking a goofy picture with me, or that he’d never seen or heard of the show Castle.

Crazy pants.

Anyhoo, the only reason we ventured out to the fair last night was because of a change in their scheduled entertainment. You see, The Village People were supposed to play. You know…these guys:

Yes, they still tour. And yes, they still dress up. Awesome. (Photo)

But unfortunately, due to Sandy, The Village People were stuck in New Jersey and would not be able to make it to their scheduled performance. <Insert “Aw Shucks” here.> And so, the very smart people in charge of the Coastal Carolina Fair put out feelers for a last minute replacement, and our hero, Edwin McCain, came to the rescue.

I’ve told you, without mincing words, that I’m absolutely in love with Edwin McCain. I’ve been following him since I was a sophomore in high school, and I’ve been to tons of concerts, and even a breast cancer awareness benefit. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the author of my life’s soundtrack. (Seriously, if you’ve never heard of him, find him on iTunes. You’ve probably heard the song “I’ll Be” and don’t even know it.) So naturally, when we caught wind that Edwin was going to perform in lieu of the People, we beat feet to the fairgrounds and took our seats front and center (behind Espo.)

About halfway through the show, there was a quiet moment when Edwin switched from an electric to an acoustic guitar. A gentleman in the audience took the opportunity to shout “PLAY YMCA!!!!” Edwin, always a good sport, laughed and started to make a joke. That’s when his bass player, Jason Pomar, began free-styling the bass line of the popular 70s song. By the time drummer “Tez,” saxophonist Craig and lead guitarist Larry has figured out the tune (which took less than 2 minutes), Edwin launched into the song, completely unrehearsed. And naturally, I got it ALL on tape:

So. Much. Fun. 

We’ve been to a ton of Edwin shows over the past 13 years, and this is, hands down, the funniest thing we’ve ever witnessed. (Sorry for the blip in the middle…blame the new iPhone user who accidentally hit the “stop” button. My bad.)

To recap: today marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo (if you’d like to donate coffee, email me here); I saw a rabbit that looked my cat, and a dude who looked like an actor; and Edwin McCain knows how to rock, disco style.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Megan

    Okay, that guy seriously does look just like him. And the Village People are still around? That blows my mind. And good luck on NaNoWriMo – you’re going to do fabulously!!

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