"Conversations" with My Husband…Sort Of

Things have been a little…sniffly…around my house lately. With fall finally unfurling, and a big change in the South Carolina weather, we’re facing that wonderful thing known as “Sinus Season.”


Not to be out-sicked by the many of South Carolinians currently snorting and snotting into their tissues, my husband came down with a case of “I Feel Like Poo.” Thus, our most recent conversations have sounded like this:

Abby: Good morning, honey.
Brian: snnnnorttttttt hack hack spit
Abby: Did you sleep ok?
Brian: AHHH—CHOO! sniff sniff

Abby: Hey, babe. What do you want for dinner?
Brian: unnnnngh cough cough HACK
Abby: Do you feel like eating at all?
Brian: mumble mumble snaaaaaaaaaarrrf
Abby: How about some soup? That might help your throat feel better.
Brian: snooork snooork heeh heeh snoooOOOOrk

Abby: I can’t even BELIEVE that play call. Did you SEE THAT???
Brian: OMGEEE MEE eith…….wheeeeeze cough hack wheeeze…
Abby: I mean, that was SO NOT pass interference!!!!! Am I right????
Brian: *nodding as he pulls out a tissue* HOOOOOONNNNNNNK HOONK HHONNK HONK.


Brian: Aaaaabbbbby….
Abby: Yes, Brian?
Brian: I’b dot feelin goot. By dose is all dopped up and I cannod bweathe.
Abby: I know, honey.
Brian: Can doo get be a glass of wata and some dissues so I can blow my doze?
Abby: Of course, sweetie.
Brian: And can doo hand me da remote for da TV? It’s right dere.
Abby: Here you go.
Brian: And can doo also get me some socks for ma feed? My does are cold.
Abby: *five minutes later* Here’s your water and tissues and socks. Honey. Honey?
Brian: zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Abby: Are you feeling any better, babe?
Brian: snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf

Fortunately, after a weekend of rest and Claritin, Brian seems to be well on the mend. Thank goodness. I don’t know how much more snorting and snuffing we can take. Feel better soon, babe! XO

3 thoughts on “"Conversations" with My Husband…Sort Of

  1. Laverne Smith

    Important things first… your hair. Looking super cute! Ok back to the post.. you know just how to make me snort and not in an I need a tissue I have a cold, pass me the remote can you get me some socks kind of way. No one does my husband is sick like you!!! Happy Brian is feeling better and you survived too. You are such a caring wife!! Xoxox

  2. ElinaMK

    I agree with Laverne – you are amazingly gifted with words… I could just about imagine poor old Brian doing, well, everything you described!!! Hee hee hee

    Thank you for the laughter

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