Someone Please Inspire Me

I’ve been totally uninspired lately.

I was so uninspired I couldn’t even whip out the real camera for a decent photo.
Sorry, readers…it’s a fuzzy cell phone photo for you. 🙁

Ok, wait…let me backpedal a bit and rephrase. Because that’s not 100% true. I’ve been inspired to write, just not to write blogs. Which is good and bad, all at the same time. I mentioned last time that I’ve decided to turn my focus toward writing a novel. And I’ve put a lot of time into it over the past few days.

(Which, let’s face it, is totally awesomesauce. Right? RIGHT??)

I get SO EXCITED every day to sit down and start writing that, by the time I look up, six hours have flown by, I haven’t eaten anything, and my coffee cup is sitting in front of me, empty and sad. It’s wonderful and exhausting and exhilarating and draining and wonderful…wait, did I already say wonderful? Well it is, so I’ll say it twice.

But the truth is, by the time I’ve spent a few hours writing my book, I feel like my creativity gas tank is a little low.

I’ll click over to my blog dashboard with every intention to write for Abby Gabs. And inevitably, smoke starts pouring out of my ears because my brain is over-heating. (Didja like that continuation of the car metaphor? Huh, didja??)

I had planned on getting up this morning and writing my blog before I did anything else, confidant that while I slept I would have some brilliant idea that would turn into the Blog of the Century.

That totally didn’t happen.

So I turned to the innerwebs instead.

You guys rallied. I got some great blog ideas. Robbie K from Fractured Family Tales came in first with the idea to write about all the things I hate about fall. I really spent some time marinating over that idea—you all know how much I love list blogs—but the truth is, there aren’t very many things I hate about fall. Except how EVERYTHING is pumpkin flavored (right Robbie?) I’ll take a pumpkin spice latte all the live long day, but you can hold the pumpkin flavored bubble gum, thanks.

Alex from Late Enough shared a unique idea of “my day in pictures.” Which is a totally awesome idea!!!…if I lead an exciting life. Truth is, I’m usually by myself, so you’d just be getting pictures of me and my cats doing a whole lot of household chores. That’s not very exciting, so you’ll just get a few drive-by photos instead. 

(A few other ideas by a couple of my favorite readers (Jessie and Rachel) have been filed away for a later date. Thanks guys!! If nothing else, I’ve got some awesome blogs ready for next week!) (I couldn’t remember the grammar rule about parentheses inside of parentheses. It’s legal in math, though, so I’m going with it here.)

As if it isn’t bad enough that I could not, for the life of me, think of any blog topics this week, I also had to take my fuzzy brain on a pumpkin carving adventure last night. Great way to tell your brain is overcooked—–sit around and watch all your cool and creative friends come up with nifty jack-o-lanterns while you drool on yourself and swat at imaginary gnats.

Seriously. I couldn’t come up with a single idea.

Thirty minutes into the process and my pumpkin still sat in front of me un-carved. That’s when I had the most brilliant idea ever. I can’t think of a single idea for my pumpkin, and I decide to try and jump-start my creativity with a little liquid encouragement.

It worked. Sort of. I wound up aborting the whole stencil thing and free-handed a pumpkin that said “Trick or Treat.” Friend and teammate, Steven, did one that read “Smell My Feet.” They were AWESOME. (Except after carving, the “e” in “Treat” sort of broke, and so mine looked like it said “Trick or Truck.” Which is basically the same thing.)

Arielle is credited with the cute monkey face. Fred did the Clemson tiger paw. And if you didn’t know by looking that Brian did the Autobot symbol, then you’ve not been paying much attention.

Wine + friends + a brain dead Abby = awesome Halloween pumpkins. 

Oh. Wait. I just figured out what’s missing from my blog brainstorming. Gourds!

14 thoughts on “Someone Please Inspire Me

  1. Maddog

    Hmmm lemme think…..

    1. Replace characters in you LEAST FAV TV show with you and the hubs. Rewrite story to suit your taste.

    2. Write heartfelt confession to serial killings then wait for comments or knock at the door.

    3. 25 Things You Shouldn’t Do at WalMart- Include pics of you at WalMart acting them out.

    4. Write a fictional short story using your next two (or more) customers as characters. [hint: Make it a murder mystery].

    5. Spank out a brilliant essay about how awesome your FIL is and how eternally grateful you are to him for making your husband.

  2. Stephanie

    Oh, me too. I haven’t updated my blog in almost TWO MONTHS. At this point, I’m kind of thinking “meh, no one will even be around to read it if I DO get around to posting”. I’m writing a lot, just not blogging. Anyway, I’m really excited for nano!

    Love your pumpkins. The autobot is full of awesome!!!

    1. Abby Chamberlain

      I would!!! I would!! I love those clay stories. 🙂 I’m jazzed about Nano this year, too…especially since we’ll have the “support group” you started to keep us motivated!!

      And thank you. My husband is always happy to get compliments (especially when dealing with anything “Transformers”.)

  3. Jenna

    The rule for parentheses inside parentheses (assuming you’re still interested [I used to have to deal with this a lot in my writing {you know, back when I actually used to write}]) is to switch from parenthetical to bracket.

  4. Robbie K

    Thanks for the shout out! I think wine is VITAL to any pumpkin carving event and your pumpkins rocked! I would love the see say in the life pictures with your hilarious captions. Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

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