The Day The TARDIS Came–A Story In Pictures

For the purposes of this tale, this is Abby:


And once upon a time, Abby was having a no-good, very-rotten, all-around-craptastic day. Nothing—not coffee, not chocolate, not even wine—made the day seem any better. Just when Abby thought the day was a total waste, she heard a strange sound rumbling in the distance…

“Whatever could it be?” she thought to herself.  As the sound grew nearer and nearer, it became more familiar to her, until suddenly, a strange blue phone box appeared right in the middle of her living room. Excitement coursed through her body as she realized who had come to rescue her from her no-good, very-rotten, all-around-craptastic day.

It was the Doctor!! And he’d brought along his companions, Amy and Rory!

“Hello there, Abby!,” the Doctor greeted her warmly. “Seems like you’re in a bit of cheering up. Perhaps you’d like a spot of tea?”

Abby, stunned into silence, shook her head no. She wasn’t a stranger to the wonders of the time travel. In fact, she happened to be the World’s Biggest Fan of the Doctor and his crew of misfits. And for the first time in her life, she finally had the opportunity to tell him just that. But…words seemed to fail her. So…

…Abby dashed to her closet…

…and re-emerged in an outfit that she hoped would express her total adoration for all things Whovian.

The reverie of complete and utter bonding was shattered when Amy cleared her throat…

And the Doctor announced the reason for his visit.
“My very own adventure?” Abby shouted. “REALLY?” Her mind whirled with possibilities…
“Doctor,” Abby asked, in a terrible fake British accent. “Will we encounter many bad guys along the way?”
“Welllllll…” the Doctor said. “The universe IS filled with plenty of dangers and excitement! We’ll just have to wait and see about that. But first thing’s first. We have to choose a destination! So, Abby, author of Abby Gabs, believer in the stars….where would you like to go first?” The Doctor waggled his eyebrows at Abby suggestively. “Perhaps you’d like to visit Calufrax Minor? They have amazing gold mines there.”

Abby shook her head.

“Alright then,” the Doctor continued, undeterred. “Perhaps you’d like to walk on the face of Pluto? So you can properly mourn its deletion from the solar system as you know it?”
“That’s nice, Doctor, but no. I don’t think that’s where I want to go.” Abby replied.
“Very well then. I’ve got it!” The Doctor whipped around in a circle, then shot a toothy grin Abby’s way. “You’ll want to be visitin’ New New New New New New New York!!! Every girl wants the shopping in New New New New New New New York!”
“Oh, I’m sure that’s very posh, Doctor,” Abby said. “But truthfully, there’s only one place I really want to go today.”

“Very well then,” the Doctor said. “Out with it!”

Abby leaned over and whispered in the Doctor’s ear. He grinned devilishly, then called out, “Alright, lads and lasses! Abby has chosen her destination! Let’s be off then!”
Abby, Rory, Amy and the Doctor loaded into the TARDIS and off they went, spinning into space and time.
                                     …a few hours later…

The End

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  1. Maddog

    Cute story. We’re never gonna find out about your crapastic day are we?

    PS: I soooo want to be a Lego. Can I,Can I,Can I,Can I? Pullllleeeease?

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