Hack This, You Mean Ol’ Hackers You

When I went to open up Abby Gabs yesterday to get down to my Monday blogging business, I was met with a sad state of affairs. My website, in all its glory, was missing.


Refusing to panic, I headed to the place where all questions in the universe are asked and answered–The Internet. That’s when I found out that a hacker group known as Anonymous had somehow managed to break through all the security barriers at Go Daddy dot com (also known as my blog’s web hosting service.) In an evil attempt to “test the firewalls” at the major company, this big-ol-fat-meanie-head-hacker-person broke the internet. Basically, the attack left many Go Daddy hosted sites unable to  

Go Daddy issued the following statement:
Twitter was alight with complaints. And the poor Go Daddy customer service reps were taking the major brunt of it all. I just kept thinking offices filled with tech-savvy computer dudes and dudettes, backs hunched over their computers, banging away at the keyboards as they hurriedly tried to solve our problem and get our websites back up. My immediate frustration with the web hosting site found a new target after I read so many of those angry tweets.
See, I had always thought of hackers as being a member of our Nerd Family. Sure, they might be mischievous little rascals, trying to use their brains for bad. But still—when you said the word hacker, up until yesterday, I thought of this guy:
But after reading the harassment being hurled at the Go Daddy reps yesterday via the world wide web, my opinion of hackers has changed slightly. They are no longer nerdy loners who struggle with social interaction. I don’t think of them as the Leonards or Sheldons that I find so endearing. In fact, I no longer even consider them to be members of Club Geekdom. (<—That’s the club my husband and I started for rabid Doctor Who, video game, The Big Bang Theory, and Comic Con fans.) Now, when you say the word “hacker,” I think of THIS guy:

What a mean and evil thing you did to the world yesterday, Mr. Hacker. You’re a very, very naughty boy.
And to the staff at Go Daddy, who had my blog up and running again in less than 12 hours—you are rock stars. I’m sorry the world was so hateful to you yesterday. And I hope you got all that work finished before the bars closed, because each and everyone of you deserve a stiff drink. Martinis for everyone!
In the spirit of keeping things official, Abby Gabs would also like to issue a statement to the hacker who broke the internet yesterday.
And yes, you can quote me.
It’s Tuesday! And you know what that means.
I’m hanging out with the gang at 
We might even drink some bathtub gin
and bemoan the character of hackers.
Stop by and read some awesome blogs, why dontcha?

14 thoughts on “Hack This, You Mean Ol’ Hackers You

  1. Walt Who Loves You

    I just checked again. Nope. No comments on a post I put up last JUNE. Oh Sweetie, I’m really sorry your host got hacked. Really. Click my name and read my post. It’s as informative as it is awesome.

  2. Heidi

    Love, love the cartoons. Glitter and the Matrix? Perfection.
    I feel bad for the hosting company, too. People are mean, hey? The internet isn’t foolproof. Things break down. And we have lost our ability to be patient.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  3. Laverne Smith

    Happy to see the good guys prevailed! Once again your comments section is just as funny as your post. I am also very happy to see that you did not panic but instead chose the absolute mature and very effective “Thhhhhhhh!”. And I know have a whole new vision of what hackers look like… I kind of liked sexy matrix vision.

  4. The Vegetable Assassin

    I’m happy you are back! This crap happens to Go Daddy usually because of their dubious owner’s questionable politics and the fact when everyone banned together against the awful threatening SOPA Bill threatening all of our internet privacy and rights he refused to join and came out in favor of the bill when almost no other provider would go near it. They’ve been boycotted since by many and lost a lot of subscribers. Read some stuff about the guy there are some pretty dodgy things in his past. But the SOPA thing did it for me.

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