Laziness 101

For the past two weeks, there have been three things, and three things alone, that I’ve been interested in doing.

#1: Drinking Coffee. The stronger, the hotter, the more frequent, the better.

#2: Pinning All the Stuff. Particularly recipes for stuff I’ll probably never make, DIY projects that I’ll probably never attempt, and home decor stuff for a house we don’t have yet.


#3: Watching Reruns of 30 Rock. Because Kenneth the page makes me laugh out loud. And Tina Fey is my s-hero. 

(My love affair started with Kenneth when it was revealed that he is a clogger.)

It’s true that all of these activities, when enjoyed separately, are all worthy endeavors of one’s time. However, when you combine all three of them simultaneously, with the inclusion of pajamas, cookies baked from a Pinterest recipe (one of the few I tried), and a new-found Pepsi addiction, it’s not a pretty thing. The only impression I’m making on my own life lately is the permanent one of my butt on the couch cushion.

I’m not sure what brought on the funk. Brian going back to school, recent personal health problems (i.e. a return of the dreaded kidney stone), the end of the summer Olympics….many different things could contribute to this new laziness I’ve been experiencing.

So this morning, I made the bed. I did some laundry. I vacuumed and straightened and dusted. I scrubbed my kitchen counter tops and soaked some stinky kitchen towels in hot water and baking soda (another tip from Pinterest.) I emptied my inbox and replied to some emails. I read some blogs and left some comments. I sharpened some pencils and painted my toenails. And finally, I wrote this blog.

I’m officially exhausted and will be rewarding myself with a hot cup of coffee and Season 5 of 30 Rock on Netflix.

What? I’m working on it.

2 thoughts on “Laziness 101

  1. Laverne Smith

    Alright you!!! Listen up!!! I am here to make sure you get a few things straight!!! Are you listening?! First of all good strong coffee… It’s a must and it just really good. Unless you have the vision I had when you said how much coffe you had combined with Pinterest and tv. Some how lazy was not the picture that came to mind but a soured up caffeinated gerbil pinning. Back on task… Oh but the pinning caffeinated gerbil is a vision huh?! Change is hard. Not feeling 100% is hard. And sometimes goshdarnit we need sometime to just sit and veg. Seriously! As long as the things that need to be done are done take some time to do the things that make you happy. And even if the things aren’t done if you need to do something not on the to do list do it. Oh and you can come and clean my house anytime… I’ve got half and half!!!!

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