Sometimes, I Pretend Like I’m Tina Fey…

…not just because she’s funny, and pretty, and really, really, really rich. But because she has, at her very rich fingertips, and entire entourage of people ready to make her funny ideas become reality. Producers, and camera men, and sound guys, and make-up artists….if Tina has a dream to shoot a silly montage for her show, she just snaps her fingers, and POOF…there it is.

Like today, for instance. I was sitting around in my pajamas, moping into my cereal bowl, missing my husband (who started back to school today.) And I found myself thinking about how I could reach out to him and make him laugh, to help relieve the first-day-of-school jitters. As I often do, I found myself thinking about a certain episode of “Friends,” where Joey moves out and he and Chandler miss each other. And I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to film something like that? With myself sitting in front of a window, peering out as the sad, cold rain pours down over the city?”

If I were Tina Fey, I could have done just that, with brilliant writing, perfect lighting, and an honest-to-goodness window with rain water sluicing down the pane.

Instead, there’s just me, my computer monitor, and a JVC camcorder.

So he got this instead:

True, the production value is in the crapper. But I think my point was pretty clear. I’m so sad and lonely…

After publishing the rain video to youtube, I began to wonder if it would make Brian laugh. Maybe it wouldn’t. Maybe it would make him feel guilty instead. So I began to think about previous posts I’ve done for him….turning him into superheros and telling stories about how he changed an old couple’s tire.

And there was that nagging voice in the back of my head again. “If only you were Tina Fey…”

If I was Tina Fey, I would have created a meaningful montage, with video of our perfectly-staged first kiss, a clip of beautiful us holding hands and splashing in the surf, and other meaningful stuff. It would have been timed with the perfect music, and it would have been award worthy.

But I’m not Tina Fey. I’m Abby. So I created this extremely-silly-but-still-heartfelt montage instead:

In conclusion, I really wish I had Tina Fey’s job, life, and money. But I don’t want her husband. Because I have the perfect husband already.

Hope your first day back was a huge success! Love you honey!

9 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Pretend Like I’m Tina Fey…

  1. Chris Rasque

    And nothing could be better than sitting at a bar while reading your blog. As soon as its gets awkwardly quiet, I hit play and that songs blares through the bar. Imagine the looks I just got…

  2. Laverne Smith

    I seriously don’t know what was more fun the love you have for Brian, your analogy to Tina Faye, the fact that Brian is and embraces your zest/silly love for life as muc as you do or the comments on this post?! Like katchup on tater tots… that ones noted and it’s not everyday a guy reads your blog at a bar. There’s a vision. You are forever thoughtful and sweet and by all accounts (Abbie’s tallies and sainthood status…. wings halo and all) so is Brian!

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