So You Want To Be Famous..

Hello Abby Gabbers!! Boy, do I ever have some exciting news to share with you!! My humble, silly, often awkward blog has been accepted into the Blogher Publishing Network!!

Yes, that is a video of me dancing to The Pointer Sisters. You’re welcome.

For those who don’t know, BlogHer is a website dedicated to supporting women who blog. And it’s MASSIVE. Founded in 2005, it reaches no less than 40 million people per MONTH. The social media aspects of being involved with Blogher alone could help increase a small blog’s traffic by a lot. And the best part? It’s all by women, for women, and about women. 

The Blogher Publishing Network will give me the opportunity to make a little cash while continuing to bring you the silliness that is Abby Gabs. Here’s what it will mean for you: there will be a couple of new ad spaces added to the site.

That’s it.  There will be no major changes to the content of Abby Gabs, you won’t be bombarded every day with reviews and giveaways (though there may be one occasionally.) It’ll just be a couple of ads, some change in my pocket, and the potential to grow my readership in a way that, as of right now, seems unimaginable to me.

Down the road, I’m hoping Blogher might approach me to be featured on their site. I’ve also joined the Blogher Book Club (SQUEEE!) and if they choose me to review a book, I’ll do that here, as well. (In Abby Gabs fashion. With pictures and humor and stuff.)

And so, in celebration of being embraced by the BlogHer community, I’ve decided to thank my readers (current and future) with a little Abby Gabs fun. 

Here’s the thing, kids. I’m trying to reach 100 fans on my Facebook Fan Page. As I’m writing this, I’m hovering around 60 fans, so I’ve got a few slots left to fill. And what’s better for motivating people to click “Like” than a friendly little giveaway? 

Cash and Prizes
For my 75th friend, I will draw you a customized portrait, which you can use freely for your Facebook or Twitter profile picture, Christmas cards, or t-shirts. It will be similar to the one I recently drew of myself:

For my 99th friend, (because it sucks to think you’re going to win the grand prize but you are actually right on the cusp of losing), I will draw TWO customized portraits. One of you, and one of a friend/spouse/pet/Congressman/landmark. Because two is better than the price of one. (Or, you can opt of one portrait featuring two people. Your choice. Because I’m flexible like that.)

And for my 100th friend, you will be forever immortalized here on Abby Gabs in a classic (completely fictional) tale of our friendship, with portraits included in the post. There will be drawing and photoshopping involved, so be prepared to see yourself as Thor or Martha Stewart, depending on the story line we agree upon. (Author’s Note: If I’ve never met you in my whole life, there will be liberties taken to make the blog interesting and fun for everyone.)

For those who would rather see themselves as Neil Armstrong/Al Roker/Cat Woman/POTUS, you can similarly opt out of the drawn portrait and choose a Photoshopped portrait of yourself instead. The choices are endless. Here are a couple of examples of what you can expect:

My husband, as Superman.
My friend, Heather, as Wonder Woman.

But wait, there’s more!!!

I don’t want to leave out my current Facebook fans, so, each and every one of you will also be entered to win a customized portrait as well. Once I reach 100 fans, I will do a random drawing including everyone (except those who already won stuff. What? Don’t be greedy.) So, that gives you some incentive to spread the word!! Because the sooner I get to 100 fans, the sooner you guys get your drawings!!!

Thanks in advance for your support as I move forward with the Blogher Publishing Network!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

8 thoughts on “So You Want To Be Famous..

    1. Abby Chamberlain

      Thank you! It took a little bit before I heard anything back from them. I’ve been doing “paperwork” for about 2 weeks now. Hang in there!! You might hear from them soon! They just finished a huge conference and I’m sure they’re up to their eyeballs in new entries.

  1. Stephanie

    I think I like you. I mean, I know I like you. But I think I like you on facebook.

    (Honestly, though, I’m kind of hopeless with facebook. I never log in.)

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