My Awkward, Silly, Could-Have-Done-It-Better-With-Crayons Self-Portrait (Or, The Perfect Self-Portrait for Me)

Abby Gabs was barely 7 months old the first time I linked up with Just Be Enough. This blog is totally dedicated to supporting women writers. It gives us a place to share who we are: as bloggers and wives and sisters and mothers. It encourages us to carry empowerment around our necks like gold medals.  When I found out JBE was all about helping women find their inner strength? Well, forget about it. I had to join the party.

I’ve written quite a few Be Enough blogs. And each one of them is a feather in my cap, a reminder that even on my bluest days, I am enough. I go back and visit these posts on a regular basis. They are, without a doubt, some of my best writing. Why? Because it allows my readers (and in some cases, me) see a part of That Gabby Abby that may not otherwise appear on this blog. 

And so, when I found out that Just Be Enough is celebrating their birthday, I wanted to participate in celebrating a site that gave me the tools to do some serious soul searching. And their idea of a party was to ask us to create a self-portrait.

Now, for those who have read Abby Gabs for any length of time, you already know that self-portraits are a way of life for me. I’m a pro at the stretch-the-arm-out-and-point-the-camera-at-myself shot. I have also perfected the set-camera-on-a-mostly-stable-surface-and-take-a-delayed-picture shot. I had to, if I was ever going to get shots like this:

…so I could Photoshop them into shots like this:

Courtesy of THIS POST.

Most recently, I’ve taken to using a tri-pod (or my husband) to get shots like this one:

So I could turn them into something more along the lines of this one:

Courtesy of THIS POST.

When I think of what I want my self-portrait to say about me, I think of the pictures I’ve used in my blog banner over the last two years. Sure, I wanted them to be relatively pretty (read: no visible zits, chin hairs, or food stains.) I wanted my readers to view me as Confidant, Cheeky, and/or Cute. So I set up my tri-pod (thanks, honey), and did my best posing.

Note: I always tilt my head, I always cover my chin-scar, and my bottom lip ALWAYS covers my wonky front tooth. (All tips given freely by Tyra Banks.)

But in reality, the thing I should be conveying in those portraits is the MAIN thing you should know about me. I am silly. I never take myself too seriously. Humor is my thing. I like to make people laugh—nay, snort. And none of these pictures (despite how well-lit they are) scream “Look at me, I’m a comedian!” 

So when it came time for me to take a self-portrait of myself for this post, I struggled with the concept. Once again, I found myself wondering how I would capture this silly part of me in a self-taken photo (without resorting to Photoshopping myself in front of a red brick wall, hecklers at the ready.)

And as usual, while perusing my own photos and graphics, hoping for inspiration, the answer came to me. The PERFECT self-portrait of silly, awkward, sort-of-terrific me would be one of my badly drawn graphics. And really, it captures me–as a person, as an “artist” (anyone who owns the 96-Count Bonus Box of Crayola Crayons gets to use that word), and as a blogger–just right.

Notice the sparkles for flare and fabulousness.

The only thing missing is my cracked tooth, but I couldn’t figure out how to put that in without making myself look like a hobo.

Happy Birthday Just Be Enough!!! May you change as many lives, and touch as many hearts, in your 2nd year as you did your first. With love, from That Gabby Abby (She’s the chick in desperate need of a haircut pictured above.)


Come join the party and help us celebrate!
And share your self-portrait with the world!
(Feel free to make yours less kindergarten-ish
than mine. Unless you have the big box
of crayons, too. )


10 thoughts on “My Awkward, Silly, Could-Have-Done-It-Better-With-Crayons Self-Portrait (Or, The Perfect Self-Portrait for Me)

  1. The Preppy Girl in Pink

    This is my first time to your blog but I just had a lot of fun reading this post. I love all of your photoshopped pictures. I’ve got to get more creative with my photos. I think I’m missing out on a lot of laughs and I love to laugh!

  2. Laverne Smith

    What a beautiful tribute to a great site. Your words really did them justice. I feel equally as strong about them and their impact on my life. I too have done some of my best writing with them. I have also looked very deep and done a lot of healing because of them. I have always greatly admired your comfort in front of the camera. That pic of you playing the horn was one of the first I ever read. I remember it vividly and I remember my feeling of jealousy because you could share so effortlessly. I think this post screams you. And while I did snort at the self drawn portrait (sorry my friend) it is in its own way perfectly you. See while you may think that at times you struggle with confidence each time you share a picture or draw a self portrait and display it for all the world to see… you inspire. I can do it. You can do it. Be proud of who you are and display it for the world to see. I am me. I love who I am! All of me. Wonderful post Abby. Inspiring! xoxoxo LV

    1. Abby

      You just made my silly attempts at drawing seem like something much more important. 🙂 Thank you for your unwavering support and your kind words, Laverne!! I don’t know if taking silly pictures of myself is inspiring, but if it’s helped you come out of your shell even in the tiniest way, then I feel very accomplished. XOXO

  3. Julia

    I adore your self confidence! You seem like someone that I would love to hang out with. And that picture in the top right in your set of 4 in the red? Stunning.

  4. Missy

    This is my favorite self-portrait post so far! I love your zest for life and your ability to find the happy in everything. I love those 4 pics you used. But I LOVE the drawing pic. How’d you do that? Is it an app? So stinking cute. So happy you linked up with JBE.

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