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Have you been watching the Olympics? We have! Soccer, swimming, gymnastics, diving, cycling, speed walking, trampoline-ing…you name it, we’ve seen it. In fact, the hubby and I have been practically glued to our TV since the games started back in July.

Which explains why I didn’t see the Late Enough Olympics until yesterday.

Now, I’ve told you all about the genius that is Alex before. I’ve praised her, I photoshopped bandaids on her face, and I even created a unicorn t-shirt design with her. But when I say that this particular vlog of Alex partaking in her favorite Olympic events is comedic gold…well, you should believe me. Because it is.

And Alex isn’t the only one who’s pole-vaulting over her living room sofa. So is Katie from Sluiter Nation. Don’t mess with this family when it comes to the gymnastics floor exercise. They’re the Russian gymnasts of the blogosphere.

Anyhoo, when I watched the video blogs these ladies created all about the Olympics, I decided that I had to mercilessly copy participate with them, in true Abby Gabs fashion. And so, I present to you, an Abby Gabs original video blog titled “Going for Gold.”


(If you can’t see the video, click HERE or go to: http://youtu.be/0HmevvCo_cw)

**Thanks to Alex and Katie for inspiring me to go for my Olympic dream. And for not wanting to shun me for totally copying your original ideas. You guys rock.

***And PS: Don’t miss my first-of-three co-posts with Laverne! Did you know that you still have to do a mountain of laundry even if you vacation without kids? I spoil your vacation fantasies in a post titled So This Is What It’s Like.

6 thoughts on “Going For Gold–An Abby Gabs Video Blog

  1. Walt

    OMG! OH…..MY…..GOD! That was so good. Kool Aid up the nose good. So good that it has stymied my efforts to do an Olympic video. How can I compete. Kudos for the little technical things. The swimming buzzer.Yeah. The little “Tink” sound when you blinked. That Awesome painting in your background. 8.0, 9.5, 9.5, 9.5, 10.0 Throw out the high and low scores for a 9.5. That puts Team South Carolina in the lead, dropping Team Virginia to second.

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