A Reason to Celebrate (In Two Parts)

There are moments in every blogger’s life that are celebration-worthy. It may be reaching 100 readers, or a validating comment that makes your writer’s soul soar, or writing that all-auspicious 250th post. And readers, yesterday I had one of those moments. And today I’d like to share it with you.

A little over a week ago, I shared my sadness at the lack of Donnie Wahlberg’s social media activity of late. As usual, it was a tongue-in-cheek account of what it’s like to be an uber-fan of someone you only get to interact with on the web. In the post, I mentioned that my summer has thus far been saved by daily doses of Donnie deliciousness thanks to fan-site  ThoseWahlbergMen.com. They’ve been on the web for over 10 years, and are 100% Donnie-approved. (He’s done videos endorsing the site. Seriously.) While I haven’t gotten to enjoy daily tweets, videos, and pictures posted by the man himself, the ladies over at TWM thrill me daily with photos like this one:

(on the set of Blue Bloods)

Well, I rarely write a glowing review about something (or someone) that I love without sharing. So, I reached out to TWM via Twitter and let them know about the blog. I was expecting a thank-you (cuz these ladies are pure class), I was hoping for a laugh. But what I couldn’t have dreamed for was this:

Now, Abby Gabs has been shared by friends and family and husbands alike over the last year and a half. But this may be the first time in my blog’s history that it’s been shared to such a large and diverse audience. TWM’s Facebook page has 4,791 fans. And we all have one major thing in common—our unending infatuation adoration of Mark and/or Donnie Wahlberg.

My first reaction, when seeing the shared link, was to giddily think to myself, “OMG! I might gain some new readers from this!!! Hooray for me!”

Then my Uber-And-Slightly-Crazed-Donnie-Fan took over, and I was all like…

When I regained consciousness, I jumped into mega-thank-you mode, and began the celebration by telling EVERYONE I KNOW what TWM had done for me. As the congratulations started rolling in, I got another awesome surprise from a fellow Block Head (the nickname given to die-hard New Kids fans.) Meet Selena:

Isn’t she lovely, ya’ll?

Selena reached out to let me know that she’s working hard to raise money for a foundation that’s close to my heart–The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. And, like a true Donnie girl, she knows the best way to rake in cash hand-over-fist: by offering a contest where the winner gets some swag with a half-naked Donnie on it. 

Uh, yeah. I’m all in. *insert stupid-excited grin*

Here’s how it works:

Point your browser to Selena’s Page on the Susan G. Komen website, click on the “Donate to Selena” button, and make a donation of at least $5. When you do that, you’ll be automatically entered to win a 2013 Donnie Wahlberg wall calendar AND an awesome DDUB t-shirt, both from ThoseWahlbergMen.com.

Here’s what your shirt will look like. You’ll have to
work at not drooling on the front while wearing the shirt.
Good luck with that.

Selena will announce the winner on August 1, 2012. She says she’ll send the prizes any where in the world, so don’t hesitate to enter!! You’ll be donating to an amazing and worthy cause, helping a terrific gal out in the process, and let’s not forget the hotness that is the grand prize. I know I’LL be entering. Won’t you join me?

In the meantime, I’ll be camped out in front of my computer, checking my blog stats like the criminally insane, and watching for the all important “click” that may come from the man himself. There may be cruellers and coffee involved. Like a full-blown cop-style stakeout. Except with no guns.

Except for Donnie’s. 

Oh, man. That was bad.

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