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It’s summertime. Isn’t summertime great? Forget about the 100+ degree heat, the monstrous thunderstorms that leave us without power for hours, and the crazy tourist-caused traffic. With summer comes awesome farm fresh produce, glorious beach days, and lots of frosty alcoholic beverages.

Ice cold beer, anyone?

But as wonderful as all those things are, the best thing about THIS summer is the fact that I have Brian home from school. That means plenty of free time to do the things we’ve been meaning to do since, oh, let’s say January of 2011. (Like purchasing an universal remote, going on vacation, and spending time with friends.) And when Brian packs up and heads off to work on weekends, I have plenty of time to obsess over a few little things of my own. Here’s my list of 

Things We Do When We Have 
Lots of Free Time (Especially 
When It’s Hot Outside.)

#1: Watch Doctor Who.
After plenty of prodding from fellow Geek Chic friends like Jenna and Tina, we finally broke down and started watching Doctor Who. (Thanks Netflix!) It took us about a month to watch all 6 seasons, and I can officially say we have earned our nerd cards. I can’t tell you much about the series, (because, you know, SPOILERS…) but let me just say this. WE LOVED IT. The cheese factor, combined with compelling story lines, terrific one-liners, and the ultimate nerdgasm that is time travel—well, it’s just the perfect show.
Those of you who are wise beyond your years and were already Doctor Who fans will probably want to know the answer to one burning question—who’s our favorite Doctor? Well, I just can’t choose. It’s a toss up.
How can one choose between David Tennant and Matt Smith??? (Source)

We shout “alons y” in our house as often as we randomly say “Bowties are cool.” But I’m really close to sporting a bowtie. And maybe even a fez.
Fezzes are cool, too.

#2: Play Plants Vs. Zombies.
Brian got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday.

I could write an entire blog dedicated solely to my Kindle Fire, because it is, without a doubt, the coolest thing ever. However, there’s one app in particular that is currently holding me spellbound. And that app is Plants vs. Zombies.
It’s an OCD dream, this game. Planting pretty rows of plants to defend your home from zombies, mowing them down one by one…like I said…it’s video game heaven. The part of my brain that drives my OCD is always happy and well-rested after a rousing round of virtual zombie-maiming gardening.

And as if that’s not enough to make a game great, then please let me introduce you to the in-house comedian of Plants vs. Zombies. It’s your crazy neighbor, Crazy Dave. And each time he makes an appearance to share his zombie-slaying tips, he makes me laugh out loud. While searching for a video so you could hear him talk, I came across this little gem. Enjoy.

#3: Obsess Over Potential Hairstyles.

Ok, so this is something I do without Brian. Not that he isn’t interested, he’s just…not interested.

So, let this serve as a warning to all my friends and family. I’ve decided to grow my hair out. Which means, for the next 3 to 5 months, you can expect me to look something like this:
Is that a goomba on your head, or are you just growing your hair out?

Thankfully, I have an awesome hairstylist (Hi Leeann!) who will laugh at my Super Mario Brothers’ jokes as much as she will help me grow out my locks without adopting the Billy Ray Cyrus ‘do. With this decision has come hours and hours of trolling the internet, looking for photos of what I might want my hair to look like next. (The giant walking mushroom with scraggly eyebrows look isn’t exactly on my list.)
I’d like to personally thank whoever invented Pinterest, because with it I’ve found my “how it will look when it starts to get some length back” hairdo:

…and my “cutey cute cute finished product hairdo:”

Note to readers: No, I’m not going blonde. It’s totally a coincidence that both hairstyles are sported by blondies. I’ll be sticking with my natural dark brown color, which I love. Sorry to those who hoped I’d go pink.

#4: Play Mexican Train Dominoes.

Don’t believe what you hear. Dominoes are so much cooler than you might believe. The game that changed my mind? Mexican Train Dominoes.

It may look simple. But when we play, it’s cutthroat.

This game turns my normally kindhearted family into vicious, smack-talking competitors. And it all stems from the frustration of Brian’s complete mastery of the game. 
You see, he always wins. Always. And this makes my brother, my Dad and I very, very, very angry. And then, when he walks away with another victory, he doesn’t something smarmy.
Like posting the score sheets on my parents’ fridge, taking a photo, posting it
to Facebook, and tagging the losers.
Even though I always lose, this game is a must-have for dinner parties, lazy Sundays, and most any other occasion. However, I suggest you put your game face on. We don’t mess around when it comes to dominoes. (Or Spitty-Outty-Sucky-Uppy Uno, for that matter.)
#5: Drink Margaritas.
Because tequila is a girl’s best friend.
 Thus comes the end of my list. And so, inquiring minds want to know. What’s going on at your house this summer? (If there’s tequila involved, can I come?)

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    1. Abby

      You may not feel that way if you ever run into me at the grocery store and one of my stray hairs pokes your eye out. LOL

    2. Laverne Smith

      Frosty beverages… Yes! I have never heard of Mexican dominos and I do not have the patience for the zombie game although I love zombie movies. And margaritas… I’m coming over!!! Either way it sounds like the male up of a great summer xoxoxo LV

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