The Land I Love

People ask me all the time what it is that I love so much about Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve answered that question a hundred different ways. I could go on and on about the beaches, the historical landmarks, the museums and restaurants and hot spots. I’ve told you at length about The Tree that calls to you from the heart of Charleston. There’s just something about this place, something magical, that fills my heart with gladness that we live here.

There’s a feeling about Charleston, like a heartbeat, that creates a unique environment all its own. The oak trees, the Spanish moss, the sweltering heat and swarms of mosquitoes, the sweetness of its tea and the kindness of its people…there are a hundred reasons why I love Charleston as much as I do.

But sometimes, words don’t do an adequate job of it. Sometimes, the land I love can only be captured in photos. And even in those photos, though you can catch a glimpse of what makes Charleston the most beautiful place on earth, you still miss that feeling, that heartbeat.

But I still try to capture it, each time we venture out of our home. You want to know why I love Charleston so much? Let me try to explain in pictures.


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