Behind the Scenes at Abby Gabs

Most every writer that I know has a space they call all their own–a space where they “create.”  They surround themselves with things that inspire them: books, quotes, objects d’art, photos. Whatever that writer considers a muse is usually somewhere nearby when they’re practicing their craft.

I am no different.
Now, I like to imagine myself sitting at a little table on my own back porch, surrounded by flowers and trees and nature, words flowing like so much honey. Or maybe in a beautiful study, filled with natural sunlight from a big picture window, looking out on copse of oak trees. Or, better yet, sitting at an antique desk in a little bedroom, windows facing the sea, watching the tide come in as I’m struck with inspiration on a daily basis.  
Instead, I get this:

There’s not much natural sunlight, I’m surrounded by original 1973 wood paneling, and there’s not an ocean or a forest anywhere in sight.
But that’s ok. I’ve taken the space I’ve got and made it my own. And like other writers, I’ve surrounded myself with the paraphernalia that spurs my creativity. So today, I’d like to share my little corner of the world with you. 
Coffee Landing Pad
I usually write in the mornings. It’s when I’m most motivated, and when my ideas are still fresh in my head. However, without caffeine, those ideas quickly go “Poof!” and disappear somewhere within the confines of my very fuzzy brain. So, having a landing pad for my super-cool coffee mug is an absolute must. I also like to keep a pretty notebook handy, because you know what they say: creativity spawns more creativity. So I often have ideas for future blogs while working on a current one. The notebook gives me somewhere to jot down those ideas (even though they most often just end up on post-it notes anyway.)
Say Hello To My Little Friend(s)
I have two little knick-knacks that are always front-and-center every morning. They live under my monitor, and one of the first things I do every day is straighten them and think about what they mean to me. My Maneki-neko (whose symbol stands for fertility–or so the people at Epcot led me to believe) reminds me every day to keep dreaming. And the teeny-tiny Transformer reminds me to keep searching for the humor in the day-to-day. (Plus, it’s cute. It’s a teeny-tiny Camaro!)

My Thinking Cap (sort of)
There are two reasons why my favorite beach-going fedora can be found on my desk. Reason number one: I’ve run out of room in my closet and have no where else to store it where it won’t get smooshed. And reason number two: It reminds me of the beach. And the beach is the one place on earth where I feel most myself. So, when I can’t have my toes in the sand, I put on my beach fedora instead. You’ll have to trust me when I say I look like an idiot while wearing it, but it still makes me feel great.

Words That Inspire
I found this little wooden sign at a discount boutique for $3. I snapped it up, brought it home, and I read it out loud every single day. On days when I wish for nothing more than to be somewhere else than I already am, these words remind me that all I have to do is delve into my writing and my wish will come true. It tests the writer in me, and challenges me to spend more time in the world of my imagination.

New Kids Corner
I’ve often blogged about my husband’s Transformer corner. And last year, when I got my own little collection of New Kids on the Block figurines, I took a page from his book and created my own little shelf, dedicated to the boy band I adore. Donned with the poseable figurines, a delightful Donnie Wahlberg keepsake card (given to me by fellow fan, Kristin), and my Donnie Wahlberg desk calendar, and I’ve got all the muse I need in about a square foot of space.

Each and every one of these little touches, paired with a ton of framed photos of friends and family, a few great tunes, and my camera, help me create Abby Gabs. And I’m constantly adding to the collection. 
Which means, by this time next year I’ll need the study by the beach just so I’ll have enough room to store all my muses. (Especially if I get the full-sized New Kids dolls to add to my New Kids Corner.)
  Please honey?

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Abby Gabs

  1. Jenny Leigh

    Whoo! Glad you’re back! I have missed Abby Gabs 🙂 Although, there is definitely something to be said for being able to just enjoy summer.

    PS. I *might* know where a complete set of the full size dolls are…

  2. nagzilla

    I love your neko. When we were in Japan last year, my daughter bought one that looks kind of chibi, and it has a solar battery that allows it to rock back and forth and wave his adorable little paw at you. Super cute, or I guess kawaii as my daughter says. I hadn’t heard it was for fertility- we were always told it was good fortune or good luck. That can always help too, right?

    And just as a random aside- that paneling made me a little nostalgic. Our house had that paneling in the living room.

    1. Abby

      I’m glad to give you a dose of nostalgia. I’d gladly give you the paneling, too, if it were mine to give. ;0)

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