Five, Seven, Five

My blog is empty.
I’m still in vacation mode.
Writer’s block galore.
No fun anecdotes,
Bad pictures, video blogs
Or stalker stories.
No tale to tell you.
No sarcastic spiel to share.
Nada. Zip. Nothing.
I thought and I thought
And then I thought even more.
What will I write today?
And then it hit me.
Silly Abby, write Haiku!
That’s my cup of tea!
Haikus are fun, see?
They are short, sweet and stylish.
Writer’s block be gone.
Though they can be weird.
A mishmash of syllables.
With nary a rhyme.
Floating applesauce
Dim the lights and ring some bells
Penguin monkey hat.
But it is working!
Creative juices flowing.
I’m back to blogging!
Thanks to you, Haiku.
And your silly poem-y ways.
Abby Gabs is back!

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