…And Many More…

What happens when the Best of the Blogosphere turns up to wish me a Happy Birthday? Well…you get the kindest Tweet of the day from Alex of Late Enough fame…

A silly (and slightly revealing) blog from my father-in-law, Walt, over on The Lucky Puppy, including an homage to my Photoshop/Paint mash-ups of late.

And three of the BEST digital birthday cards EVER CREATED from Laverne, co-author of Kindred Adventures. (Seriously, if you’ve never seen the “Hey Girl by Ryan Gosling” series popping up all over the internet, you might live under a rock. If you’re in the dark, just google it. Then you’ll see why the graphics below are SO MUCH COOLER.)


Card #1–in reference to the Kindle Fire my hubby got me for my bday.

Card #2–in reference to my current hair crises.
And my favorite of them all, Card #3–in reference to Donnie’s famous birthday tweet of 2011.

To all those who tweeted, Facebooked, texted, called, emailed, and sent up smoke-signals, thank you for all the birthday salutations. They were–each and every one–greatly appreciated. 

And now, on to the 31st year of my life. I have a feeling it’s going to be the best one yet!

4 thoughts on “…And Many More…

  1. Kindred Adventures

    LOVE it!!!! I have so much fun making those. Being able to make one for you on your birthday and well…. now that its made up (Dear Abby) you can expect more!!! I am really happy you liked them. And I am happy we met and connected! xoxoxo

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