I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Thoroughly Enjoying My Summer Vacation

Up until about 3 weeks ago, my daily schedule looked something like this:

7:45-8:55: Wake up, coffee, shower, dress for the day
8:56-10:00: Work stuff
10:01-12:30: Write, illustrate and publish blog
12:31-5:00: “Abby Time” (ie: internet surfing, writing stuff other than Abby Gabs, house work, TV catch-up time, etc.)
5:01: Close up shop
5:02: Celebrate because Brian is FINALLY home, even if his nose is in a book. Again.
5:03-bedtime: Spend as much time as possible with Brian, because he’ll be gone all day tomorrow.

However, Brian finished up with school for the summer about 3 weeks ago. So now, my daily schedule looks more like this:

8:20-8:56: Wake up, scramble to shower and dress for the day.
8:57-9:30: Work stuff
9:31bedtime: Hang out with Brian.

We’ve managed, in 3 weeks, to watch 3 seasons of Doctor Who. It’s just another reason why working from home is totally beneficial when it comes to finding plenty of time for entertainment. We’ve also see The Avengers twice in the theater, been to the zoo in Columbia, and spent plenty of time with friends and family.

Needless to say, I’m totally in heaven.

This is the most time we’ve gotten to spend together in 18 months, so we’re enjoying every minute…which explains my lack of posting recently. Quite honestly, my head is completely drained of anything other than how to best fill my hours with my husband. For the first time since Abby Gabs’ creation, I honestly haven’t thought much about blogging in the past 3 days. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t posted a blog until a Thursday of any given week. 

This may be a first. I’d have to check my archives to be sure.

I’m not so sure how the summer will go, and I won’t make any promises here that I’ll try to keep, will fail miserably at keeping, and will feel guilty for not keeping. Instead, I will just say that I’ll post when I have something worth posting. And I’ll keep enjoying Brian as long as I have him home every day. 

But don’t worry, readers. Come August, he’ll be going back to school to finish up his last semester, and I’ll be all lonely and needy again. And when I’m lonely and needy, I photoshop pictures of myself with Donnie Wahlberg to make me feel better. And that’s all the blog fodder a girl needs to post daily. Am I right?

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Thoroughly Enjoying My Summer Vacation

  1. Kindred Adventures

    How wonderful to have all that time together. I think to some (non bloggers) blogging doesn’t seem like work but even if it’s a hobby it takes work and passion to create and write. A vacation is healthy. Balance is healthy and that much time with the hubs irreplaceable!! I’ll continue to stalk this space and when your here ill soak up all that is Abby when your not ill smile because the two of you are together enjoying life! It will leave plenty to

  2. Kindred Adventures

    I hate google ony phone… It never cooperates. Bad google.

    Anyway… it will leave you with plenty of energy, life and inspiration to create with later. Always here even just for a chat -LV xoxoxo

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