Things That I Am:
                                        Ever been to Mordor? I have. Sort of.
Slightly neurotic.
Overly enthusiastic.
Quick to trust.
Larger than life.
A wee bit self-conscious.
                   Only Richard Simmons could save me from the evil FAT monster.
A musical-theater junkie.
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan through-and-through.
A New Kids on the Block uber-fan.
A video game enthusiast.
A connoisseur of bad television programs.
A self-proclaimed artist.
“Me.” A Self Portrait by Abby.
Nerdy. (Live long and prosper.)
Polite (mostly.)
Slightly crude (sometimes.)
Potty mouth. (Sorry Mom.)
Mother of 4 cats. (Yes, I said cats.)
Fan of parentheses (can’t you tell.)
Sarcastic. (Who? Me?? Naw…)
                                         When jury duty happens to good people.
I am a wife. A daughter. A sister. A friend. I am a godmother. A writer. A wannabe chef. A collector of picture frames. I am struggling with weight loss, writer’s block, and PMS. I drink coffee, and wine, and even an occasional beer. I love books, good movies, bad TV. 
I am a soul. Single. Solitary. Unique.
I am so much more than the sum of my parts.
I am me. Not what the world labels me to be.

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10 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Heidi

    This is great, even with a very potent margarita in me.;) It’s so important to simply ‘be’ and be enough.
    Also, I love the 2 thumbs up. I am a perpetrator of the 2 thumbs up. I do it, well, too often. 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    Ah, I love this. We all wear so many labels!

    And I have that same monster hiding in my closet! JP and I have a gym in the basement. We’ll been looking forever (and by “looking”, I mean not really looking, but kind of hoping that we’ll find it out by the road someday) for life-sized giant cutouts of Richard Simmons and Ah-nold (in his Mr. Universe days) to decorate the gym. How awesome would that be? (Oh…sorry…this was a complete and utter comment-jack.)

  3. Jenny

    I love the last three lines the best.
    “I am a soul. Single. Solitary. Unique.

    I am so much more than the sum of my parts.

    I am me. Not what the world labels me to be.”

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