Abby Gabs News: A Video Blog

While watching the news with my husband the other day, a question popped into my head. I turned to him, and the following conversation ensued.

Abby: Do you think they teach the newscasters how to talk like that in school?
Brian: I dunno. Maybe.
A: Like…is there a text book? 
B: Guest speakers, maybe?
A: *In bad newscaster voice* “Today in class we will teach you how to use the inflection of your voice to make your point.”
B: You should blog about it.

So I did. In video blog form. Enjoy.


Can’t see the video? Point your browser here:

6 thoughts on “Abby Gabs News: A Video Blog

  1. Erica M

    This was the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t believe yeah write made the news. Take that, quasi-famous mommy bloggers!

    1. Abby

      Thank you, my dear! 🙂 I had to mention it—I had a TON of visitors to my blog this week thanks to Yeah Write!!

  2. erica

    I heard that newscasters have to spend time in the midwest because people from that area of the country have the least offensive accent. I choose to believe it as the truth because I am from the midwest and it makes me feel awesome. Fun video! Great work on the running!

  3. The380 Lady

    This made me laugh SO HARD! lol I also was waiting for the cough where you mumble “bi#!*” under your breath after saying Maria’s name. lol

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