Weekend Warriors (An Illustrated Abby Gabs)

Sundays are Professional Family Days for us. When I say that we have it down to an art, it’s not an exaggeration. A typical Sunday consists of Dad’s famous country breakfast, time outside with the dogs, a grocery trip (or two, depending on how much beer is left in the fridge from Saturday night), dinner on the grill, and inevitably, a bonfire.

It’s pretty perfect. I look forward to Sundays from Monday morning until Saturday night. We will occasionally have a variation on the above-mentioned formula, and that’s ok. But for the most part, my Sundays are pretty much always the same.

Except for this past weekend.

We’d easily gotten through breakfast and a grocery trip without incident. There was even a quick jaunt to Sam’s Club thrown in the mix, just to spice things up a bit. By the time the sun went down, Adam decided it was time to start our weekly bonfire. And so, Daddy, Adam, Brian and I headed out to the back yard, while Mom finished cleaning up the evening’s dishes.

Things started out normal enough. Adam started a pretty low-key fire, burning a few cardboard boxes and an old pallet. We sat around, sipped our beer, and let the warmth of the fire lull us the rest of the way into a full-blown food-coma.

After about 30 minutes (and a few more beers), Adam made the announcement that he had a pile of stuff in the garage he needed to burn. Brian and I glanced at each other, eyebrows raised, as Adam rounded the corner with another pallet and several more cardboard boxes. Dad hummed along with Garth Brooks in his picnic chair, totally relaxed and oblivious to what was coming next.

Namely, Laid Back Adam was now being replaced with Fire Bug Adam. And Dad was none the wiser.

It didn’t take me long to figure out, despite my slight beer haze, that Adam’s plans may go a bit awry. Especially after he launched Pallet Number One onto the already-blazing fire. Brian was right there with me. Somewhere between Pallet Number One and Pallet Number Two, Dad started to catch on, too. 

But it wasn’t until Mom (also known as The Voice Of Reason) joined us that panic began to set in.

You see, there’s a small tree that overhangs the fence in my parents’ back yard. And the flames from Adam’s bonfire were just beginning to lick the very bottom branches. Sparks flew up into the night sky each time my baby brother would add a new cardboard box to the inferno. And we’d all been nonchalantly waiting for one of those embers to catch, and for the tree to go up in flames.

Eleven words from my mother and the entire family jumped into action, like characters in a cartoon.

Brian, always prepared, had his phone at the ready, fingers poised to dial 9-1-1 at a moment’s notice.

Adam sprinted across the yard, hauling the water hose behind him, shouting, “Dad! Dad! Go turn on the water!!!”

Mom and I jumped behind Brian, to protect ourselves from errant flames that may decide to dance on our heads.

And Dad stood calmly by the conflagration now threatening his tree and, ultimately, his garage, and directed Adam as to where to point the hose.

Ten minutes later, crises averted, we were back in our chairs around the fire, enjoying our frosty beverages, tree still (mostly) in tact.

I can’t wait until next Sunday.

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36 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors (An Illustrated Abby Gabs)

  1. Mama Finch

    I’m LOL’ing this one!!!! Too funny! The folks in the pics look as if they are about to start dancing. If this is a calm relaxing Sunday, I’d hate to see the rest of your week:)

  2. Lisa Nolan

    OK, we are not doing our family bon fire this weekend. Thanks, spoil sport! LOL!

    Great story! Made me laugh! Glad it turned out! If not, it would have been a totally different story!

  3. ElinaMK

    WOW!!! Action, suspense, burning things, swearing sibling, level headed parents/spouse… all the makings of a terrific movie…

  4. SouthMainMuse

    Too funny. Love your graphic. Great minds must think alike. Twenty years ago, I almost burned our 1929 cottage down the first night we were in it. Same thing. Hubby was so excited to have a fireplace. He got the fire going and left the room. I thought let’s get rid of some of these moving boxes so I put one in there. Just about the time I got it all crammed in, hubby turns the corner — sees the fireplace and yells, “DEAR G*D, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” The flames were licking the ceiling. We beating it back with a blanket. UGH.

  5. Miranda

    Love the animations, they really added to the excitement of the story! Also, is it pathetic of me to get sad about the burning of the pallets? When you mentioned that my first thought was “but I could use pallets to make stuff off of Pinterest!” Don’t worry. I’m shaking my head at myself here.

  6. Kindred Adventures

    I love your stories. I love your sense of humor and I enjoy your perspective on life. I love your drawings too! They bring such spice and variety to your pages. I really never thought your drawing was that bed to begin with but the pics looked great. I love family time and the memories it brings us. They are special and memorable. This one is most certainly both! Oh and I totally love drawsome too!!!

    did you notice I used Love an awful lot….oh well! I really liked it 😉

  7. Jenn and Casey

    Hahahaha. I am totally the fire bug in our family. I once got a fire so hot it burned and broke the concrete block around it!!! hehe. Love the cartoons. I wish Draw something would improve my drawing, alas, no luck!

  8. Kimberly Speranza

    I love you, Abby Gabs, and I love your blog. I love your drawings, too, but will not tell you because I am envious. I would like to be adopted by your family so that I can participate in Professional Family Days. Thanks for the lovely feeling I have from visiting you here today. I am grateful.

  9. Erica M

    I’m with Kimberly. I am available for adoption by your parents as are my husband and three kids. Sorry about your inheritance.

  10. blissflower1969

    And now, I will have “Fire Water Burn” in my head for the rest of the afternoon. Thanks for that earworm.

    Next time tell him to burn Barbies. I used to play Salem Witch Trials whenever Pa had a bonfire in the backyard. All the plastic makes really pretty colored flames.

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