Sunshine for Everett

So many of you have commented, tweeted, texted and called about my buddy, Everett. If you haven’t read about him, you can find out all about his battle with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, and what we’re doing to help, in my recent post titled “Turning to the Blogosphere for Help.”

With those same goals in mind, I have created a new blog, titled “Sunshine for Everett.” My goal is to help family and friends stay as up to date as possible on Everett’s condition. I wanted to create a space where people could come and visit daily, to leave comments and messages of support and love.
Similarly, I wanted to try and help the family with their growing expenses, as Heather is still living at the hospital with Everett and her family is over 5 hours away. There are several ways to donate on the new site, including Pay Pal, a direct link to the hospital gift shops, and a means to contact me for people who want to mail their payments directly to the family.
I would love it if my readers would point their browsers over to the new blog and visit. It’s still in the very earliest stages, and there will be many edits coming down the pike. (*Note to Abby: You still need to put a follow button up so people can add this blog to their list. Doh.)
I have also created a tab above for readers who wish to show their support on their own Facebook timelines, or their twitter feed. There are a variation of designs available! And all you have to do is right click and save to your computer, then upload the banners or profile pics to your social media of choice!
Let’s keep sending Everett all the sunshine we can muster! Positive thoughts, prayers, virtual hugs, small donations—whatever you’ve got, we’ll take it!! Thank you in advance!!!
*   *   *   *   *
As for Everett’s progress, the HUS is still attacking his red blood cells. He is still receiving daily dialysis and blood transfusions to battle this disease. While every day isn’t a good one, there is still some progress to report. Everett has successfully urinated a few times, which is a good sign that his kidneys are fighting hard to work correctly. He was also in great spirits on Easter Sunday, and received an Easter basket from the hospital. He had a blast playing with his Play-Doh, and several smiles were shared.
Nevertheless, Everett still has a long battle ahead of him. Living in a hospital is as frustrating as it is expensive, so please keep sending positive messages in Heather’s direction.  I will keep my readers posted, via Abby Gabs and Sunshine for Everett, as I receive information from the family. Thank you, again, for your continued support of my dear friend, and her beautiful boy.

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  1. Ado

    This one and the photo of little Everett made me cry. What an awful thing for a little one and his family to have to endure. Major kudos to you for stepping up to try and help – of course I will spread the word and will go to the page too.

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