Cupid and Candies and Hearts, Oh My!

Today, I could regale you with copious romantic platitudes. (After all, I’m married to the most wonderful man on the planet. I’ve got platitudes coming out my ears.)

I could weave a story about true love and star crossed lovers, enchantment and amour. (You did read about how Brian proposed, right?)
I could spend hours putting together a 3 minute slideshow, created with sweet and silly pictures of me with my husband, with a saccharine-sweet love song playing gently in the background. (Oh, wait…I already did that too, didn’t I?)
I could tell you all about how I really feel about Valentine’s Day, old school photos included.
On the flip side, I could pound my chest and stand with the many people who hate this holiday. I could write a scathing review of {insert your least favorite part of Valentine’s Day here} and refuse to take part in {that other thing about Valentine’s Day that you hate.}
Maybe I could even write a blog about the history of St. Valentine, and my confusion of his link to sappy Hallmark cards and chocolate hearts.
But why would I want to do all that stuff? Why, when on this day, and everyday, I just want to celebrate the one love to rival all other loves? (See, this is what happens when you’re married to the Most Perfect Man. Valentine’s Day turns into a big ol’ fat celebration.)
And today’s celebration is done with true Abby Gabs Flair.
So stand back and enjoy while I don my Cupid wings to tell Brian I love him…
And I hope you’ll forgive me if I strike up the band, grab my favorite instrument, and kick-start a parade. Because today, I’m celebrating the greatest husband in the world. (That’s you, Brian!)
Click to inspect this photo closely for even more belly laughs.
What? Too much. Over the top? Way over the line? Let me simplify things a bit, then…
I Love You, Brian.
That’s way too simplistic.
Love is way better when it’s loopy, out-of-control, crazy love.
And Photoshop makes everything better.
Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

15 thoughts on “Cupid and Candies and Hearts, Oh My!

  1. Ali

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute. Good on you for finding the perfect man! And more so for not pretending that he is anything other than perfect.

  2. Ado

    You are *so* funny and your blog posts are so upbeat and fresh/original – I love dropping by and seeing what you’re doing. Loved this. PS: You make a great cupid.

  3. Kindred Adventures

    You CRACK ME UP WOMAN!!! I soooo adore your blog!! You sense of humor gives me stitches and I admire that you have no reservations and it is AWESOME!!! I hope your Valentines Day was as awesome as this post! -LV

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