Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You…

It’s finally here—my one year anniversary writing Abby Gabs!

What’s this? You got me a birthday cake??
With DONNIE WAHLBERG jumping out of it?!?!?
Why, readers, you shouldn’t have! *snort*

On February 10, 2011, this silly little blog–with too much punctuation, crazily Photoshopped images, and my own brand of humor–was born. My, how the time has flown. What started out as a way to pass the time has become my creative outlet, my safe place to vent, and the thing that exercises my brain on a daily basis.

In short, I’ve loved every single minute of it.

That includes the days I’ve fought my computer for hours just to complete a post, my occasional bouts of writer’s block, and my constant struggle with Blogger as a delivery system.

In an age when so many of my favorite bloggers are hanging up their hats to pursue a different dream, I have to tell you, readers, I have no such plans. I love my blog. I love everything about it. It may not be much, it may not be internationally known, but it’s a little piece of me out in the world. And for this chick, that’s enough. (For now. Until I publish my world class novel that you will all read and adore. Someday…)

I’m grateful for every single reader–from those of you who comment on a daily basis, to those who drop by on the weekends just to take a peek. It is your enthusiasm, your dedication, your ideas that fuel my blog. For those who come up to me in person and start our conversation with “Your blog today made me laugh/cry/think/snort chocolate milk through my nose”—I thank you. For those who leave thoughtful comments and critiques—I thank you. For those who forward my blog to their friends, mothers, co-workers, and dogs—I thank you. And for those of you who may be newcomers–whether you found me on Twitter or through a linky, or by Googling the phrase “squashed dancing banana”—welcome, and I hope you’ll stay awhile.

Today, we celebrate my little corner of the internet–the one where you learned all about my fear of spiders, my undying love for my childhood crush (Donnie Wahlberg), and my quirky but adorable husband. I’ve told you about my struggles with weight loss, infertility, and my own insecurities. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and pondered over which Saturday morning cartoon from 1989 was the best.

And today, on our first birthday, I’m going to give you the gift of Gab. For your reading pleasure, here are my favorite blogs from every month since February 2011. Enjoy.

A Year of Abby Gabs
February:  A Funny Story (At My Husband’s Expense) — (Published 2/18/11)
The one and only thing my husband is scared of, and how squealing like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert is the best way to handle it. This was my first foray into the world of Photoshop.

 Let’s Pretend We’re 8 Again — (Published 3/22/11)

If only we could have a Do-Over Button in real life, being an adult would be SO much easier. Also, this post introduces you to my Donnie Wahlberg obsession. One month in. No surprises there.

  Childhood Memories — (Published 4/11/11)
This post has everything that is great about Abby Gabs. Silly Photoshopped photos, a New Kids on the Block reference, a relevant (and funny) You Tube video, and a story that my parents still tell to this day. And all because I got a Get In Shape Girl Ribbon for Christmas…

 Letter to My Daughter — (Published 5/12/11)
I really just wanted Abby Gabs to be a humor blog, and started it for that very reason. But it became clear to me relatively soon after starting it that it could be so much more than a goofy blog with goofy pictures. This was one of the first times I published anything serious, and also the first post I’ve written on our struggles with infertility. I still can’t read it without crying. But I know that I’ll always have it here, to cherish and hopefully, one day, share.

 They Say Dreams Do Come True — (Published 6/13/11)
My 30th birthday post — and the day that Donnie Wahlberg wished me a Happy Birthday on Twitter. It was *ALMOST* as exciting as the day he followed me on Twitter. (It would have been more so if he’d spelled my name right. And also, that I could be sure he meant me and not some other Abby with an E in her name.)
On days when I feel sad, or overwhelmed, or like I’m never going to be any better than I am today, I read this post. It was Brian’s first (and only, to date) guest post. And it makes my heart swell Every. Single. Time.

 Friday Fright Night — (Published 8/20/11)
Not only is this one of several spider-hating posts, but it’s also the first time I combined my Photoshopping skills with my terrible drawing abilities. (I use the word “abilities” lightly.)

 Humiliation Central — (Published 9/12/11)
Only the single most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. Ever. (I’m not kidding.)

 Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days — (Published 10/25/11)
I don’t know what to say about this post other than to tell you that it was the hardest one I’ve ever written. And I sat on it for 7 months before posting it. It seemed fitting to blog about my husband’s battle with cancer on the anniversary of the day we found out he would survive. I shared our story in the only way I knew how—with words.
There were a few different blogs I could have chosen for November, but I chose this one for one simple reason: this photo. I’ve done a lot of Photoshopping in my time, but this one is hands down my favorite. (The post is pretty funny, too.)

 This Morning, I Became an Assassin. — (Published 12/20/11)
Photoshop meets bad drawing again in this epic tale of my battle with the world’s largest insect. In my bathroom. While I was naked. (Seriously, do you need anything else to prompt you to click that link?)

 Adding Another Resolution to 2012 — (Published 1/12/12)
This post was about one of those conversations that causes you to rethink how you are living your life. It profoundly affected me, and I hope by sharing it, it makes you think, too.

 It’s Just One Of Those Days… — (Published 2/6/12)
There have only been a handful of posts so far this month, but this one stands out as being the fan favorite. Also, it goes down in Abby Gabs history as having the most comments on any single post, ever. Yay!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these, my 12 favorite posts, from this year of Gabs. I know I had a blast re-reading and choosing them all. Now, onward to Year #2! Who knows what’s in store!

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